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Emeco Navy Chair 1006
Emeco Navy Chair 1006 (AC5001)
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]


The Emeco 1006 (pronounced ten-oh-six), also known as the Navy chair, is an aluminum chair manufactured by Emeco. The 1006 was originally built for Navy warships during World War II, but later became a designer chair used in high-end restaurants and by interior designers. In the 1990s, the company began creating designer versions of the 1006 chair, such as the stackable Hudson chair and the 111 Navy Chair made from recycled plastic. As of 2012, more than one million Emeco 1006 chairs have been produced.

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The first release in All in Resine diorama accessory line is Emeco Navy Chair 1006 (AC5001). The set comes packed in a zip-lock bag which features a CAD box art image showing the 1006 chair and designating the contents as 1 unit.

The set consists of a single 3D printed piece which depicts the famous Emeco 1006. The complex shape of the chair is perfectly delivered in scale. Although printed on a state-of-the-art 16-micron resolution 3D printer, the surface of the piece is still not as “clean” as that of pieces cast in resin, and some imperfections might show under a coat of primer. So, I would suggest using fine fiberglass pen brush and isopropyl alcohol for sanding the surface in order to obtain a perfectly flat finish.


The 3D printed piece looks great and with some careful surface prep, it should be a wonderful addition to dioramas. Although at first I saw a limited potential of Emeco Navy Chair, after some research I found this particular chair can be used in a wide variety of diorama scenarios... from its original WW2 concept to modern-day item appearing in restaurants, cafes and households. Well done All in Resine!
Highs: A very realistic miniature copy of a famous Emeco chair.
Lows: Some surface prep is needed.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: AC5001
  Related Link: All in Resine website
  PUBLISHED: Mar 27, 2017
  NATIONALITY: United States

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A chair? Really? Guess I could find somewhere to put a couple.
MAR 27, 2017 - 08:01 AM
Sweet! Now I can do the chair is against the wall vignette.
MAR 28, 2017 - 04:23 AM

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