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World War II Special Vol.2
World War II Special Vol.2 by Man Jin Kim
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


Till now, MrBlack Publications released 21 scale model handbooks for figure and diorama modelling including articles written by different figure painters all over the world. The books carry articles for various scales, materials, time periods, nationalities, paints and painting techniques.

For the first time , company released a time specific book by a special artist. Scale Model Handbook World War II Special Volume II includes World War II German figures painted in acrylics by Korean master Man Jin Kim.
The book basics are ; A4 size, matt laminated cover and 84 pages.
inside the book

Including seven chapters full of amazing paintwork of Man Jin Kim on high quality sculpt and cast Alpine Miniatures figures, this issue is mainly focused on 1/35 and 1/16 scale German World War II figures.The book includes over 300 color photos -about 280 for painting steps with numerical order and other for finished work. The chapters are;

  • Chapter I : On the first part of this chapter, the artist tells about the primary tools and materials he uses on modelling miniature figures with photos, even giving the brands he prefers, mostly Tamiya tools as I noticed. He explains general purposes and his hints on using them.
    On the second part, he shows how to make a figure ready for painting. With 17 color photos in numbers; cleaning, sanding, filling and priming are described.

  • Chapter II : This chapter is about the general principles on using acrylics and Man Jin Kim’s own painting techniques. Besides explaining the main features of acrylic paints, flow of light and using airbrush on figures, he also tells about mediums and blending acrylics, choosing the correct brush, using them and how to practice.
    MJ also gives a color chart listing paints he used on Vallejo, Jo Sonja’s and Tamiya codes.

    With a short introduction about painting, he shares how he paints his figures starting from the face.
  • Chapter III : MJ paints three Alpine Miniatures faces on this part, two in 1/16 scale and one in 1/35. 16 photos in numerical sequence and explanatory text with color names and codes for 1/35 German Infantry NCO with sidecap, 24 for 1/16 LSSAH Panzer Crew and 14 for 1/16 German Infantry with helmet. Absolutely a very useful part in 11 pages to make a serious improvement on painting eyes, adding tones on faces, painting hair and beard.

  • Chapter IV : I can say Painting The uniform is an excellent part to paint all types of World War II German Uniforms. MJ shares his painting process on Alpine and Takahashi figures for six different uniforms including four different camo patterns with his paints in codes, recipes and tips.
    Field Grey Uniform - 29 step-by-step photos for painting the trousers and tunic of 1/35 scale German Infantry NCO
    Black and White Uniform - 31 photos for 1/35 SS Panzer NCO Kharkov wearing black panzer jacket over white winter overalls.
    Camo uniform 1 -26 photos for 1/35 German Infantry with Oak Leaf reversible parka and Italian pattern camo trousers.
    Camo uniform 2 -19 photos showing painting of a 1/35 Waffen SS Tank Crewman in M44 Pea pattern camouflage.
    Camo uniform 3 -22 photos for painting Palm Tree pattern on a smock of 1/16 Alpine figure.
    Leather Uniform - On this article, MJ paints a 1/16 SS Panzer Crew in leathers. He paints the jacket (17 photos) and trousers (12 photos) in two different methods to show highlights and shadows.
    The step-by-step photos, text and color codes really inspire to paint WW II German figures, encourage and make you feel it will be easier than before.

  • Chapter V : On this small chapter, MJ explains how to basically paint German field gear, adding textures and effects for realistic look. Painting and shading all accessories like Map Case, E-tool, Canteen, Ammo pouches,rifles, etc. are described in 36 photos supported with text including color codes.

  • Chapter VI : As the uniforms and accessories are painted, MJ builds a base for an SS Grenadier NCO. 24 color photos of all steps from cross-hatching the base to increase adhesion of the base material to final touchs and a photo of the finished base with figure.

  • Chapter VII : A feast for the eyes on 17 pages showing figures painted by the artist. Most of the photos are full page that allows to capture all details.

    At the end of the book, there are three pages of full size adverts for Alpine Miniatures, AK painting sets and uprising company of diorama materials ETA Diorama Accessories.

    High printing quality, high resolution photos showing close-up details, explanatory texts with acrylic color codes and personal MJ recipes , ease on understanding with numeric sequence on photos. This is really a very worthy reference for all modelers that wants to paint figures or improve their painting quality.

    Very Highly Recommended

    Stelios Demiras always states he will be pleased to hear feedback and suggestions to add new articles due to readers demand on next issues. Please don’t hesitate to send your opinions to him by e-mail to [email protected] or visit at MrBlack Publications –Facebook

    Highs: Printing and photos are top quality. Hundreds of photos in numeric sequence,detailed text with acrylic color codes for some different techniques on painting 1/35 and 1/16 scale figures.Photos of figures painted by MJ are really inspiring.
    Lows: No lows on this one.
    Verdict: Top quality reference book to paint WW II German figures in acrylics and oils.
      Scale: 1:1
      Mfg. ID: SMH-WWII02
      PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2017
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.78%

    Our Thanks to Mr BLACK Publications!
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    Wow, this book looks super impressive. Thanks for the review, Abi. Mario
    MAY 31, 2017 - 03:06 PM

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