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Wall with Door
Middle East Wall with Door
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by: Carlos Martin [ VARANUSK ]


This set from Macone represents a concrete wall with decorations on the upper part, a large door in two parts and two lamps.

Although the description of the manufacturer says it is the kind of wall used in the Middle East or even Eastern European countries, I see no trouble using it on any other part of the world.
There are four main parts, a longer wall, two shorter ones and a column plus the door, that can be combined as desired.

The Walls

The material used is acrylic resin, which is different from polyurethane resin in a number of ways. First the look is quite similar to concrete, both in texture and colour. It is heavier also than ordinary resin, and more brittle.

And its dust is non-toxic so you can file and sand it safely.

The box has two walls of 4,5x7,5cm, one of 9x7,5cm, a column of 1,4x8cm, two doors of laser-cut cardboard, paper reinforcements for the doors and two lamps with their bulbs and transparent parts.

If you put all the elements in line you get a wall with doors of 29cm long (i.e. over 10 meters at real size). You can also use the column to make a corner with either a short or long wall on the side. The real height of the wall would be 2,60mt

As said, the walls are made of acrylic resin. They have an excellent texture, something I have always found on Macone's products. The irregular surface of the concrete looks absolutely realistic.
There is very little flash at the base of the walls, and it goes off by simply snapping it. There are no casting blocks on any part.
Thanks to the characteristics of the resin, it is quite easy to add bullets marks just by using the tip of a blade.

You can see on the sixth row of photos how I added one to the column, which is shown before and after. It should be equally easy to break parts to show other types of damage.

The Doors

The laser cut cardboard has been a surprise, being a material not very often used. It allows to represent delicate details within scale, and is not as fragile as photoetch -which would be also too thin in this case.
These doors are nicely done, and can be cut easily from the frame.
The reinforcements for the doors are only to make them look like the real ones, as the cardboard is stiff enough to be used directly.
The door happened to fall from my desk and hit the floor with the upper part, but it did not suffered any damage at all. The same part made of photoetch almost surely would have resulted bent.

Although the instructions (on the website) recommend to use putty and acetone for fixing the reinforcements to the door -and I do not doubt it is the best way- I used Future (or clear varnish, for the case) with satisfactory results. The airbrushed primer went perfectly over them.

The Lamps

Although a small detail, they add a nice touch. There are two of them and come in several parts. The main body has solid sides but they are cleaned easily with a sharp blade. Transparent parts are provided for the glasses, which are very thin and again easily removed from their support.
The bulbs are also in resin, as often the real bulbs are white I see no need to have them clear.


This is a very good quality set, with multiple options for positioning the wall and integrating different materials for the best result. The height of the wall allows to put vehicles near it without being dwarfed.

It can be ready to paint in a very short time and allows also to add damage to the walls easily.
Highs: Acrylic resin, realistic texture, flexibility for assembling different shapes.
Lows: None noticed
Verdict: Excellent set of walls and door of a good size, straightforward to build and well detailed.
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Sep 13, 2017

Our Thanks to MacOne Models!
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While it could indeed be used to represent pretty well anywhere it does have a middle-eastern flavour...
SEP 14, 2017 - 06:21 AM

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