In-Box Review
LED Lights

by: Danny Wennekes [ EAGLE ]

The Product

The actual magic is hidden in a little container measuring 1/2” tall and 3/8” in diameter (1,27 cm x 0,95 cm). Inside the little container are the light sources and the two little batteries that power the lights. The product comes with two batteries already loaded, but the package also includes a spare set of batteries as well.

Since the lights are very small they could be easily fitted in small scale dioramas. Hide them in a fireplace, under a campfire, in an oil barrel or even in an armoured vehicle. The use of fiber optics even extends the usage of these little jewels to very small scale solutions like flashing lights on vehicles, simulated gunfire, handheld flashlights etcetera… name it.

You don’t expect those little miracles to produce enough light to add atmosphere to a scene, but they really do. The light “bounces” off of walls and figures very well. Very cool effects can be created when the light sources are covered, or even hidden behind walls or smudged window panes, only showing the indirect light to the spectators. Each light combination flickers in a pattern that looks to be random, but has some pattern in it after all.

The lights, that emit no heat, come in three different colour combinations:
Red / Yellow
Blue / Blue
Blue / White

Some words on shipping cost

Since I'm from Europe (The Netherlands), I always feel a pain in my wallet when I order something from the other side of the ocean. The high shipping cost is often a reason for me to decide not to buy a product. Most of the time shipping cost add another 50% to the price of the kit I want....

In this case I’d like to mention is that this product is very light in weight and therefore shipping cost can be cut to a minimum. This product is, like the laser cut kits that Monroe Perdu offers, also affordable for all European readers since they are very light products. Just e-mail Monroe Perdu for accurate shipping cost when you’re from Europe ! This way you avoid the standard calculation that the shopping cart system does. I was positively surprised when they told me total cost…..


I’m very excited about this small, but very powerful and affordable new article from Monroe Perdu Studios. I see numerous possibilities for the use in dioramas.

I wish I had a one of these little gadgets during the Armorama Winter Campaign…..I made a beautiful dio but wasn’t able to do a fire in an oil barrel at that time……These LED lights could have made the difference. With this product you can improve the atmosphere in any dio….. I think the pictures in this article show us what it’s all about.

Just imagine the Blue / White combination imitating the maintenance crew welding the essential armour back on, or the Red / Yellow combination providing the beautiful campfire that I described in the beginning of this article….. The power looks to be unlimited to me….

I’m excited !
Did you ever build a diorama with a group of people surrounding a campfire, or a building that took a direct hit just minutes ago……. a shot down tank where maintenance crew is welding essential armour back on...... In other words did you ever do a diorama containing some form of fire or lights? I bet you tried something like this before or….at least have been thinking about it. How many of those ideas or attempts failed, since fire and lights are so hard to reproduce in small scale diorama’s ? A few days ago I ran across an article on the world wide web and found the solution to some of our problems with lights and fire….. The solution is called “ LED Lights” and is brought to us by “Monroe Perdu Studios”. These LED lights bring the difficult to imitate light within reach.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Suggested Retail: $7.00
  Related Link: LED Lights on the Monroe Perdu Site
  PUBLISHED: Mar 13, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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