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Figure Modeling No.20
Scale Model Handbook Figure Modeling No.20
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


MrBlack Publications lately released the 20th issue of Figure Modelling Handbook Series. As always, the book has a high level printing and photo quality. Including award winning models by well known modelers and focused on 1/35 scale figures and different scale busts, this issue is specialized on World War I and II. Once again, Stelios Demiras managed to publish a useful and worthy guide book for painters of all levels.

The book basics are company standard ; A4 size, matt laminated cover and 52 pages.
inside the book

Including 11 different articles - five on WWI and six on WWII, the book provides lots of tips and techniques about painting miniature figures, busts and creating vignettes.

  • Painting a WWI Large Scale Bust with Acrylics &Oils : Sergey Popovichenko paints Young Miniatures 1/10 scale British Soldier - Somme 1916. A great step-by-step article for the first pages of a book. 58 color photos in numerical sequence explaining how to paint flesh tones, helmet, uniform, field gear and rifle in details. Artist also gives his color codes and recipes for Maimeri Polycolor acrylics and Master Class oils and shares 5 photos of the finished work. Blood effect on the face is outstanding.

  • Remembering a Historical Moment in Miniature : This great article is like a screen shot of Anzacs on Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli Campaign, August 1915 in 54 mm size. Interesting part is all figures on the vignette are named like Bill, Archie, Harry,Tom and Vic. Steve Warrilow - The Fusilier shortly explains how he sculpted The Lads and Mike Butler - The Kiwi shares his painting in color codes. 33 photos in numbers and 8 photos of the finished vignette. Besides being a masterpiece, the vignette base also worths to notice with a commemorative medal and a bottle with real soil from Gallipoli.

    The book continues by 3 short article with photos of the painted products and explained texts with color codes. All of them are award winning models painted by different techniques.
  • Painting a WWI Stormtrooper by Stelios Neofytidis paints AC Models 75 mm figure.

  • The Black Knight of Germany by Mr.Black Studio. Always a great pleasure to see a figure painted by the editor/publisher. A well presented article about WWI German Fiying Ace Eduard Ritter Von Schleich with a detailed historical info and paint codes for Model Cellar 54 mm figure. A nice guide to paint dark tone leathers.

  • How to Paint a Pilot’s Leather Flying Coat and Equipment : Stelios Neofytidis paints Model Cellar 54 mm Canadian Pilot Billy Bishop.

  • How to Paint a German U-Boat Commander Bust using Tamiya Enamels : Besides many articles for acrylics and oils, Toshihiro Sano paints Young Miniatures 1/10 scale bust in Tamiya Enamels. A very nice article for a different painting style of wet-on-wet technique by enamels. 17 photos for the head, 16 photos for the uniform and scarf, 8 photos for the visor cap, 4 photos for binoculars and 5 for the finished bust.

  • Barbarossa by MrBlack Studio is another useful article on making minor conversions by commercial castings. It is also inspiring for modelers new to conversions. He used 1/35 Dragon and Alpine figures to create a small vignette with two German soldiers on a recon mission. 8 photos of the finished vignette with text giving Vallejo color codes for each figure.

    Next, the book has 4 short articles with World War II figures on winter scenes. Each article has 4 photos of the finished scene.

  • Painting an US Army Uniform for a Winter Scenario by Toshihiro Sano. He paints 1/35 scale Alpine Miniatures US Infantry Officer, Ardennes 1944 in Tamiya Enamels giving color codes.

  • The Third battle of Kharkov by Stelios Neofytidis is a 1/35 scale two figure vignette with German figures in winter clothing - a tanker and an officer in fur coat.

  • Somewhere in Stalingrad by Mr.Black Studio. Stelios Demiras creates a nice winter scene with two figures of Warriors old 3 figure kit. A short but useful article for painting german figures and especially to make a snowy base using Microbaloons.

  • Last article German Officer, 116th Panzer Division Windhund by regular contributor Toshihiro Sano explains how to paint a small scale 120 mm bust. Painting of the scarf on his neck is absolutely perfect.

    A video review by MrBlack Publications can be seen here

    Another great reference handbook for modelers of all levels. This book is especially very informative for painting 1/35 scale winter uniforms and creating snowy vignettes.

    Stelios Demiras always states he will be pleased to hear feedback and suggestions to add new articles due to readers demand on next issues. Please don’t hesitate to send your opinions to him by e-mail to [email protected] or visit at MrBlack Publications –Facebook

    Highs: Standard high quality on printing and photos. Articles are very useful for painting busts, leather clothing and snowy scenes.
    Lows: No lows on this product.
    Verdict: Great book with some exceptional builts and very useful articles.
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      Mfg. ID: SMH-FM20
      PUBLISHED: Jan 09, 2018
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.78%

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