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SWAT Team Figure #2
SWAT Team Figure #2
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by: kylie newton [ KNEWTON ]


This is an "out of the box" construction review of the ICM 1/24 scale SWAT team figure #2. ICM have started a series of these figures which is a welcome departure from modern soldiers or inert civilians as there is a lack of such figures on the market; it is also very timely as, sadly, SWAT becomes more prominent and relevant in the news.


The figure arrived in a stout cardboard box with a lift-off tray lid that had excellent artwork of the figure inside. The actual figure itself takes up very little room in the box. The breakdown of parts is conventional and makes for swift construction: separate helmet, there are three to choose from, the bottom half of the head, torso in front and rear halves, a complete left arm, and a right arm with separate hand - which is holding a pistol, then a left and a right leg, complete with boots.

The helmets, there are three, are hollow, and have small tabs, two at the rear, one at the front, to attach to the head. These are to align the head with, you'll have to do that by eye. The headphones on the other hand locate positively onto small bumps either side of the head for a snug fit.

There is also an additional sprue of parts that look like they will be common to all of the figures in the series. It includes the tactical shield, which is nicely detailed front and rear. A small sprue of clear parts is also included for the goggles and glass in the tactical shield.

At first examination, the figure is well detailed with nicely done folds, creases and seams; there are a couple of areas where the detail kind of "fades" and isn't as distinct as it could be or is in other areas; but nothing fatal. Looking at the knee pads, these are a little overrepresented, or a little too high; but again, nothing fatal to the overall quality of the figure.

The vest and webbing are well represented with good detail all round for a 1/24 scale figure. Looking at the armaments, the rifle, machine pistol, and pistols are well very crisp with sharp edges and good details. Too bad you only need the empty holster. More for the spares box.

The Build

Putting the figure together was hassle free, with the only exception being the tactical shield... at the armrest, there are top and bottom, left and right flanges; aligning left hand to the where the grab handle would be, I trimmed the top, left flange. Nothing drastic at all, and the shield then aligns perfectly with the rest of the figure. The shield comes in three parts, and is detailed on both sides with rivets. This was also the only area where there were knock out marks left. A quick fix with some putty.

Speaking of which, the execution of the pose is perfect: both arms are parallel to the ground, with the shoulder / back joint looking very natural. There is no need to trim to fit. Adding the shield, the eyes appear just over the top, with the shield square to the ground, and the pistol poking out the side. OK, so the figure isn't exactly the same as the box art, the figure is looking over the top, rather than through the glass. The feet are well planted on the ground, and the figure is angled to the front, presenting as little as possible to any potential threat.

The completed figure is balanced and poised to cover the next guy in the stack.

Next up is adding the parts that finish this guy. And this is my only criticism of the figure: the lack of pouches. This guy carries a first aid kit and a generic pack. There is only the one magazine to add. Looking at online photos of SWAT, irrespective of (Western) country, they are liberally festooned with distraction devices, restraints, Taser, ASP baton, torch, O/C spray, an emergency tool - Gerber or Leatherman, gas mask. There is none of this. You may want to swap out the boom mike on the left, it is a little over scale; an easy fix.

If you want to detail this guy, you'll want to add the velcro patches on his helmet. And the webbing around the radio. I found this a little odd: the radio, a Tait model, is nicely represented but has no pouch to sit in, just the radio. An easy fix with some tape or putty, but it will need to be done.

As for finishes, online research shows that this guy's uniform can be camoed or monochromatic: black, blue, green, grey and shades there off. Check your references. The instructions show 'FBI', but there is nothing on the actual figure, so you're free to depict any SWAT-type unit you wish.


I've not done 1/24th scale figures before, but am really sold on this offering from ICM: the pose, detail, accuracy and subject all appeal to me, and I will definitely do more. A small amount of putty will be required to fill out the joints, but otherwise this is a solid offering with little detract from the overall quality of the figure. Recommended.
Kylie Newton takes a look at and builds the SWAT Team Figure #2 from ICM in 1/24th scale.
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: 24102
  PUBLISHED: Feb 21, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Thank you Darren and Kylie for this review as it is good to see the product out of the box and the assembled kit.
FEB 24, 2018 - 03:13 PM

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