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Panzer Kamp in Eis und Schnee
Tank Fight in Ice and Snow
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by: Darren Baker


The following introduction is from Tankograd Publishing.
Tank fight in ice and snow
The latest series from TANKOGRAD addresses primarily one of us recently neglected readers: the manoeuvre fan! The publication features outstanding manoeuvre-use photos, partly full-page illustrated, depicting modern battle tanks and armored vehicles wheel chain in their natural "habitat": the hard work around the world. In the well-known above-average image quality, exercises are presented dramatically and with short informative captions to the vehicles exciting. Attention: As this new series is especially for newcomers to the topic and a young audience, the text is less technical, but easier to understand than in our other series.


When it comes to armoured vehicles racing around during an exercise, it is armour in the snow that appeals to me the most. I cannot explain what it is about armour and snow, something just portrays raw power as the snow fountains into the air. This release from Tankograd Publishing takes this appeal and serves it up on a very large and affordable plate. This title form Tankograd Publishing is printed in German text only, but as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and text language loses its importance.

This offering provides 40 pages protected by a card cover, the cover in this case can be considered as providing another four pages to the title. The photographic quality is as you would expect excellent with Carl Schulze deserving a drink for his efforts here. There is a short introduction at the start of this title written in German, but I honestly feel that a person’s ability to read German or not should not affect the decision on whether to purchase the book or not.

There are a number of different vehicles that are features in this title along with infantry and helicopters, but when it comes to great reference value that number boils down to three. The Leopard is by far the vehicle that gets the greatest attention, why not it is a great main battle tank. In this publication Tankograd has covered a number of Leopards covering single colour through to examples carrying two colours of camouflage net as the finish. The Abrams also features heavily in the title and comes in second with images of tanks in desert tan through to the three colour NATO camouflage that has not really been seen by the public since the 1990’s and the desert wars they have been involved in.

Of the three main occupants of the book the CV90 is perhaps the most interesting to look at as something really draws my eyes to the images and stop there for some time. One image depicts a Panzer Grenadier with a big red beard that screamed at me ‘Viking’ and that makes a really appealing image. All of the images in the book are accompanied by captions in German, most of this going into quite a lot of detail.


This is one of those titles released from time to time when the language does not matter as the photographs tell you everything. The quality of the images is excellent allowing a great level of detail to be seen. If you are looking at building an Abrams, Leopard or CV90 with a different look then this book is a must due to its affordability and great images.
Highs: The area looking at the CV90 held the greatest attraction to me and I am now looking for a suitable model.
Lows: The text being only in German is a shame, but it does no detract from the value of the title.
Verdict: A great reference book at a fantastic price.
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  Mfg. ID: Tank maneuver 01
  Suggested Retail: €9.90
  PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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