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Wehrmacht Plaques
Wehrmacht Plaques
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by: Darren Baker


When finishing a diorama or perhaps a model on a plain base a decoration such as a cap badge is a nice addition to draw the eye of viewers, but these items can be expensive to obtain especially when a badge from WW2 or earlier is needed. As someone who collects cap badges and cloth patches I have a good idea what some items cost with WW2 German reproductions being expensive in their own right. FC Model Trend have obviously noted this and released a good number of badges for the modeller to use in the setting or way they wish.


The offering I am looking at here is a replication of the badges on the sides of WW2 German helmets that were in the form of self adhesive stickers or decals. FC Model Trend has cast these offerings in a grey resin and are I believe in 1 to 1 scale. The badges are not flat and instead have raised detail, or when looking at the shield with the black, white and red strikes it is the area between the colours that is raised as is the outside edge of the shield itself. The lower points of this badge do have some very light lines present and this leads me to believe that the masters were 3D printed before the moulds were made from them.

Moving onto the eagle holding the Swastika and you find three different levels to the shield detail. The back is obviously the lowest point and again the very faint lines are present. Moving onto the eagle and the detail is exquisite in every respect, in fact the more I look at these and in particular the eagle I am beginning to believe that these may be 3D printed as there is such great detail and no obvious casting plug point. Each and every feather point has been cleanly replicated in this offering. The eagle detail is roughly 2 thirds of the height of the recessed area with the raised surround of the shield being a little more proud of the eagle. I am aware that the Swastika is a controversial symbol in some countries and offensive to some individuals and as such I would hope that FC Model Trend will offer badges like this minus the Swastika.

The two shields are packed together loose with no damage that I can see. They are provided in a blister pack with a paper insert that provides details of the goods. The blister pack has a hanger on the top and provides good storage for those like me that tend to want items like this to ready hand at unspecified times.


I am very impressed with the high level of detail present in this release and I hope that FC Model Trend work or more offerings as time goes on. I do feel that the eagle will sell very well in its own right and I would certainly buy twin packs of this shield/badge. The other shield is an obvious inclusion with the eagle and if used with a figure diorama will look good, but I feel the eagle has far more appeal and can easily be utilised with WW2 German armour.
Darren Baker takes a look at some resin WW2 Wehrmacht Plaques.
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 35469
  Suggested Retail: 8.47
  PUBLISHED: Jul 08, 2018

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