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Bundeswehr Tank Crew
Bundeswehr Tank Crew
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by: Paul Truhe [ PTRUHE ]


Plastic figure sets of Bundeswehr tank crew members are rare so this kit is very much welcomed. The kit contains 5 small sprues of good quality grey plastic and the box has a good representation of the figures as well as a painting guide. Unfortunately the figures do not represent a tank crew even though all are wearing armor crew coveralls (Panzerkombi). There are 5 good figures but only E and C represent a tank commander and loader respectively. In a different pose besides sitting, figure A would have been a fantastic one to have since women are allowed to serve in Bundeswehr tank crews. Figures B and D with the latest ballistic vests (Schutzweste) and helmets (Panzerhaube) are better suited by equipment and pose to be crew for a light armored vehicle like a Fuchs or Boxer in Mali or Afghanistan which is where this equipment is most likely to be seen combined with armor crew coveralls.

The paint schemes are given for Flecktarn and the desert Tropentarn but the “Russian” style helmets on figures C and E can also be seen with plain olive color coveralls in the 80’s on Leopard 1 and 2 crews.
Before discussing each figure, I have the following comments which apply to all.
• The combination of a hollow pelvis for each figure and a vague attachment to the upper torso led to some imperfect fit which was easily remedied with putty.

• Overall part fit was good with some test fitting and shaping needed for the arms and especially when the mounts on the torso where used as sprue attachment points.

• The comm switch parts are tiny and too small to drill in my opinion so are generally useless.

• There are no instructions for the comm cables so I drilled a hole in the helmet earpiece and ran a section of wire for each.

• Overall good detail on the coveralls for overall appearance plus zippers, pockets and waist details.

• Facial shape and expressions are much better than I’ve seen on resin Bundeswehr figures.

Figure A is a female armor crew member in a sitting position while listening to a radio transmission. Pose and detail are good but a standing position would have been great as a female tank crew member. Nice head, beret and radio gear detail. Ponytail piece for hair could be optional.

Figure B is a meant to be a machine gunner on what is likely a Fuchs or a Boxer. Pose and detail are good but doesn’t work for a tank. Nice detail on the newer style helmet and ballistic vest. Molded on sunglasses and beard.

Figure C is meant for the loader hatch position on a tank. Pose and detail are mostly good except the hands are meant to be gripping the mg ring but it’s not quite possible. Helmet appears to be missing the side pads which I duplicated with putty. Goggles appear to be oversized. The separate collar adds good detail to the figure.

Figure D is the most puzzling. Like figure B, it’s wearing the latest helmet and ballistic vest plus desert camouflage which puts it in current combat zone but the pose is relaxed in hatch while gazing into the distance. Still good detail but not very useful in my opinion.

Figure E is a tank commander. Very nice pose and detail. Some comments regarding helmet pad and goggles on figure C. Sits well in a hatch and the binoculars are a nice touch. Separate collar piece as well.
Highs: Plastic figure sets of Bundeswehr armor crew are rare. Inclusion of female crew member is nice. Good overall detail and poses.
Lows: Not all figures are suitable for a tank. Some fit issues.
Verdict: A must have for anyone who builds Bundeswehr armor. I've picked up a another to see if I can modify poses.
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 37032
  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2018

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About Paul Truhe (ptruhe)

Built military models in my youth but didn't pick it up again until a few years out of college. Served in a mortar platoon in the 2nd Armored Division from 1986-1990 at the end of the Cold War. I only build armor now with primary interests being M113s, CVR(t)s and Leopards.

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Didn't this set get reviewed a couple of months ago? Seems awfully familiar...either way very useful for all those various vehicles that are currently without crew and notice not a singular member with binocs pointing at something!
JUL 17, 2018 - 10:26 AM
This is a follow on to the open box review. Size comparison with Tamiya figure and 1:1 scale:
JUL 19, 2018 - 07:25 AM

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