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Turkish Infantry weapons
Turkish Infantry weapons and equipment, W.W.1
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by: Bob Davis [ DIOMAN13 ]


This set consist of Turkish weapons (many are of German origin), used in W.W.1.
You’re typical I.C.M. boxing, or should we say the armored box. The boxing they use has withstood many different postal efforts to destroy it yet it constantly survives. Good job I.C.M. The cover has an artist rendition of some of the equipment within the set.

Inside you will find two of the same sprues in light tan styrene. Also there is a sheet of instructions for the little bit of construction for some of the equipment. On the reverse is a picture of the parts lay out with and accompanying list of the parts in Russian and English.

The instructions are a bit confusing as some of the parts are mislabelled, but a little bit of looking over them will clear up the difference. The assembly parts list is correct and there will be no problem with it. It is the part identifier that is incorrect in places, (only a few), like the Mauser with or without the bayonet. No real big problem.

Parts list (corrected
#1- Mauser rifle, M1890 with bayonet
#2- Mauser rifle, M1890
#3- Mauser rifle M1893
#4- Mauser rifle M1893 with bayonet
#5- N.C.O. sword
#6- officers sword
#7- lemon grenade
#8- empty bayonet frog (scabbard)
#9- small shovel
#10- ammo bandoliers
#11- '' ''
#12- " "
#13- " "
#14- ammo pouch's
#15- helmets
#16- top of holster
#17- bottom of holster
#18- C-96 pistol
#19- holstered C-96 pistol
#20- map case
#21- canteen
#22- binoculars
#23- sheathed bayonet
#24- binocular case.
#25- stick grenades
#26- rifle bolts
#27- Mauser rifle, M1903
#28- mauser rifle with bayonet


What can be said really. I.C.M. has another great set of weapons and equipment that will be useful to figure and diorama builders all around. It will be a welcome addition as they have released the four figure set of Turkish figures which they will accompany for conversions or extra equipment laying around. There are a few tiny discrepancies with the rifles like a missing stock band on two of them but not really noticeable unless you really know these rifles. I would give this set a rating of 9 on the 1 to 10 scale. No flash was evident nor any broken parts on the samples sent to me. That's the great box job they use. With all the W.W.1 sets I.C.M. is putting out they have done a good job on their figures and weapon sets. I recommend this set to any who need spare parts for figures or dioramas and look forward to picking up my figures to enhance them with this set.
Bob Davis takes a look at a set of Turkish Infantry weapons and equipment, W.W.1 in 1/35th scale from ICM.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35699
  PUBLISHED: Aug 11, 2018
  NATIONALITY: Turkey / Türkçe

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