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Remote Shot
Remote Shot Indian Wars
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by: Bob Davis [ DIOMAN13 ]


And another of MasterBox fine Indian War Series.
There are 2 figures in this kit. One is sitting and firing a rifle and the other is kneeling on one knee observing the shoot.

The kit comes in MasterBox open end box. Artist rendition of the kit on the front with directions and a paint guide on the back for 3 different manufactures. It comes in a clear resealable bag that holds 1 sprue, or 1/2 depending on how you view the glass. It is only 2 figures so not much in the way of plastic. Upon my usual quick inspection I noticed faint to medium mold lines that will be easy to remove. No flash on any of the parts and no loose parts.

On the figures, the muscle tone is good and the facial features resemble that of a Native Americans pretty well according to my reference books of the time. Legs and arms all seem to be appropriate to the torso. The hair is very well done in 1/35th with cloth braids in it. The creases in the clothing are well defined also. The figures are dressed in time era appropriate American Plains Indian clothing. All checks out as to type and mode of dress. The fringe is very well done and a good wash will make it stand out nicely.

I do find it odd that as the bow is being used by a right handed Indian that the quiver is facing the wrong way. If you mount the shield on his back then switching the quiver the opposite way will not be a problem. The fletching on the arrows could use some work, They look stacked and have a rectangle look, feathers should be angled towards the rear, only if your picky.

The rifles appear to be a Henrey lever action carbine and the other looks like a model 1860 Spencer breech loader. There is missing some detail but not enough to annoy myself. The stick in the artist rendition turns out to be a spear.


All in all, a nice addition to the Indian War series. Not much of a complicated kit and looks as if it will build up nicely. I partially built the figures but some sub painting is needed so I will skip the figure pics for now and post the finished ones latter. I would recommend this kit to anyone interested in the Indian Wars in the U.S. So far the build has been clean and easy and I look forward to painting them up and placing in a diorama.
Bob Davis takes a look at the Remote Shot Indian Wars figures in 1/35th scale from Master Box.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35128
  PUBLISHED: Aug 11, 2018
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Looks like the scene depicts a buffalo hunt. Curious choice , the Spencer carbine. (it does look like one.) The rifle was effective (against humans) .... on paper .... to 500 yards. The carbine, probably under 200. At that range about all a .56-56 Spencer would do is knock the dust off the buff and piss him off. (Like a story of an OSS idiot in Burma trying to elephant hunt with a .30 Carbine. It did not end well.) How long would it take a pissed, 2000 pound buffalo, at 35 mph, to cover 200 yard? Should have a nice heavy barreled Sharps in the kit. Sure the dead, pale face buffalo hunter wouldn't be needing it. (and would have to add a scalp to hang from the belt to the kit.) NOTE ON THE SPENCER: Reason the army got rid of them after the Civil War was the round they used was fine for relatively short ranges encountered in "the East". Out in the Plains it was found that the Natives would simply sit out of range and fire away with their bows. I believe Fetterman's command had Spencers at the practice for Little Bighorn.)
AUG 11, 2018 - 01:17 AM
Looked atthe other kits in this line. Looks like there are only 3 firearms used. Spencer carbine, Springfield 45-70 carbine and Winchester/ Henry lever action.
AUG 11, 2018 - 01:39 AM

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