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Sd. Kfz. 10 and 251 Dashboards
Photoetch dials for Sd. Kfz. 10 , Sd. Kfz. 251 and UAZ 469
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by: Carlos Martin [ VARANUSK ]


Yahu Models has three new photoetch dashboards for 1/35 vehicles, the German Sd.Kfz 251 and Sd.Kfz.10, and the Polish version of the UAZ 469.

These sets are photoetched with colour and using high resolution, which produces a crisp detail even for the smallest dials. They seem to be coated also with clear varnish, adding a nice, thick, appearance like being behind a glass.

The sets

Reference YML3505 - Sd.Kfz. 251 B/C
This reference is intended for Dragon kits, and can be used with any of the multiple variants they have. It has five dials, the main one (rev counter) with its characteristic white background and red & green zones, and four smaller ones with black background. Despite their small size, with enough magnifying it is possible to see that they match the real ones, it is not only numbers around the edge.
There are also four placards with vehicle's technical data and instructions, again based on the real ones. All of them are black with gold letters. The bigger one has a beautiful mix of general black background with metal areas where the information for the specific vehicle was stamped. Not only the shape looks nice and realistic, they stand perfectly a close up photo.

Reference YML3506 - UAZ 469 (Polish)
Another fine set, this time for Trumpeter's UAZ 469. It comes with five dials, four of them quite small but still with clearly marked gauges. There are three placards, two with black background and one with black letters over the metal base.

Reference YML3507 - Sd.Kfz. 10
The last set is for Dragon and Cyber Hobby's Sd.Kfz. 10 and has six dials and five placards. Like the Sd. Kfz. 251 set, there is an eye-cathing rev counter, with white background and red & green areas. Again the pattern of the dial matches the real ones, with numbers all around the circumference or on top according to the measurement shown.
The placards have been also carefully represented, with the name "Demag" clearly visible.
Given the type of vehicle, where the driver's position and therefore the dashboard are completely open, this set with greatly enhance the looking of the model.


The new sets keep the high standard of the first items, with well researched dials and fine print. A 2x magnifier does not allow me to read the text, however on the photos it can be seen so a model with these dashboards will look great no matter how much you want to zoom in the photos. I find specially welcome the Sd.Kfz 10 as the open top cabin allows to fully appreciate the detail of the dials.
Highs: Stunning detail. Coloured where required. Clear coated for glass effect
Lows: None.
Verdict: Absolutely recommendable for cabin detailing one step beyond
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Aug 13, 2018

Our Thanks to Yahu Models!
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Would be great if they would do SdKfz 6,7,8 and 9 instruments also
AUG 15, 2018 - 04:51 PM

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