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Urban tank battle Bundeswehr 3
Urban tank battle Bundeswehr 3
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The following introduction is as provided by Tankograd Publishing:
The publication features outstanding maneuver-use photos, partly full-page illustrated, depicting modern battle tanks and armored vehicles wheel chain in their natural "habitat": the hard work around the world. In the well-known above-average image quality, exercises are presented dramatically and with short informative captions to the vehicles exciting.

This review takes a look at one of the latest releases from Tankograd Publishing and covers the German armour during urban war games. The author of this particular release is Ralph Zwilling who is a regular contributor to Tankograd Publishing. This offering from Tankograd Publishing is a part of a new series of books aimed at young and or newcomers to the subject and as such the text is of a less technical nature and written in German only. This is soft backed book with a good glossy card cover and 40 pages of good quality paper on the inside.

This offering from Tankograd Publishing begins with six pages of text. Tankograd Publishing has become very good at getting the information across to the reader while keeping the text concise. The text has been broken down as follows:
Global Trend
Urban conurbation Schnöggersburg
Pilot training in Schnöggersburg (Driver)
Structure of the exercise group
Expiration of the exercise group

The text all being written in German severely effects my ability to read it, but one of the things I like about German is that with a little effort you can usually understand the context of what is being said. This text is interspersed with images of German infantry performing some of the tasks they are set from marking an entry point and gaining entry to a building through to directing infantry fire. After this the book moves onto its main focus the machines of war at work in an exercise. The vehicles covered are:
Leopard 2A5
Marder 1A3
Combat Support Vehicles

These section in the book look at the vehicles mentioned and are accompanied by Full captions printed in German only. The sections on the named vehicles are as you would expect of a Tankograd Publishing book offering a good selection of images, but these are interspersed with the common soldier interacting with the armour as a combined force and so offers excellent reference regardless of your ability to understand German or not. I am a fan of seeing the soldier performing the role set and the close interaction adds a nice sense of action.

The photographs utilised in this book are of an excellent quality that enables the viewer to pick out details that may otherwise be missed. The photographs in this offering from Tankograd Publishing covering the vehicles doing their thing are well mixed and selected by the publisher making a pleasing presentation. The last section of this title from Tankograd Publishing is the one I enjoyed looking over the most as it covers a very wide range of vehicles, but the most appealing aspect to me was the wide selection of camouflage shown that adds a lot of visual interest.


Tankograd Publishing excels as a publisher when it comes to affordable titles looking at very specific areas of the military forces and vehicles of the world and this offering is not an exception to that rule. The text being in German only may affect its appeal to some, but its images more than make up for it believe. The wide ranging photographs showing vehicles in a wide array of camouflage and interacting with troops make this an excellent reference title for anyone with an interest in modern German armour.
Darren Baker takes a look over the first of a new book series from Tankograd Publishing 'Urban tank battle Bundeswehr 3'.
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  Mfg. ID: Tank Manoeuvre 3
  PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2018

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Another great addition to the photo reference collection! I had the chance to the the Urban Warfare School just outside Berlin a number of years ago and found the entire training regime fascinating and LOUD!
OCT 10, 2018 - 02:41 AM

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