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Cable Spools
Cable Spools
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


When it comes to items for dioramas there is nothing that cannot be used to add a story, location or a sense of time period. Everything from drinks containers to plastic bin bags regularly make an appearance, many of these items are made in resin and so are pricy additions depending on quantity. For the modeller who has a lower income amount to spend MiniArt has produced many items in injection moulded plastic; this makes life easier and does not usually tax the pocket. MiniArt has now released some wooden cable spools that are useful for scenes the world over and a huge period of time. So let’s take a look.


This offering from MiniArt is supplied in one of the end opening cartons they usually pack their figure sets in. On the front of the carton there is a nice artwork that provides some display options with the rear of the box providing specific finishing details of 20 types. Inside of the box there is a single plastic bag that contains the sprues. There is a decal sheet protected by plastic and a sheet of paper covering the assembly.

MiniArt has provided six identical sprues in the set and this provides enough parts to make three large spools and 3 small spools. The plank detail present on the parts is of a good standard being kept light, the plank definition is also very good and with careful painting these two aspects should result in a high level of realism. With a little scratch work a frame could be made to hold the spool for feeding out is cable.

The finishing options provided for by MiniArt cover a great number of options as follows:
USSR 1930’s – 1950’s
Europe 1930’s – 1950’s
Great Britain 1930’s – 1950’s
USA 1930’s – 1950’s
Germany 1930’s – 1940’s 2 options
Germany 1940’s – 1950’s
Europe 1950’s – 1970’s
USSR 1970’s – 1980’s
2 none specific from the 1980’s

It has to be remembered that these spools were reused and as companies stopped trading others businesses would buy these up and repaint and logo them. If the modeller wants something specific then some work with a mask means your options are limitless as is the time period. As a bonus inclusion MiniArt has provided two ‘Kilroy was Here!’ transfers along with the head motif.


These spools are a nice product from MiniArt that due to the large size of the three big spools over eye catching elements to a scene. The finishing options cover a 60 year period and with some scratch painting making that an even longer period of time. I cannot see anything about this offering from MiniArt to complain about.
Darren Baker takes a look at the Cable Spools in 1/35th scale from MiniArt.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35583
  PUBLISHED: Oct 29, 2018

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