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War Survivor Child
War Survivor Child - Little Ludmilla
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


WM008 War Survivor Child is a 1/35 scale, resin cast post-apocalyptic figure released by Weird Armies Reign-WAR before WM017 War Survivor Child-2 Little Olga.
As described on the note inside the box; In October 1946, Axis forces turned the tide against Soviet-Asian coalition forces.Cities and villages were burnt to the ground, radiation levels were high and civilians are now trying to survive another day on the harsh Soviet land.
Little Ludmilla is one of them, an orphan war survivor
She is a quite popular figure and painted by many modelers.

Figures painted by Kyriakos Gkogkas, Marian Berg,Guido Rau and Jochen Süß‎.

  • Figure comes in a transparent plastic box with boxart showing the assembled figure unpainted and a close-up of the bag. Backside has a sticker with company logo, warning and contact info. Inside the box, figure is secured in a zip-lock bag and there is a short info sheet.

    Sculpting and casting are nice,details are crisp and clean. No air bubbles or any other casting mistakes but vertical seamlines on the right side of the figure and inside both legs need a cleanwork.

  • Cast as a single piece figure, size and proportions are well. She wears a half front-open shirt with long sleeves and knee lenght skirt. As a civilian figure, clothing has various color options due modelers’ choice but I think her clothing also looks like a World War II Soviet Army Women woolen uniform of pocketless M43 gymnastiorka and skirt. Her footgear is ankle high lace boots and putties which look like Red Army enlisted soldiers' military issue. There is a big scarf wrapped on her head and she has a SchM-41M Gas mask.

  • She carries a knapsack on her back similar to Soviet military Veshmeshok and a
    gas mask bag on the left side with a strap crossed on right shoulder. Mug tied to the bag is a nice touch.

    This is a nice figure for post- apocalyptic or what-if scenes. Clothing details, gas mask and bag, knapsack, mug and boots are all nicely sculpted. She can be displayed alone or with her Little sister Olga and can make a great scene with different Stalker figures.
    Highs: Original subject, need no assembly. Well defined Soviet field gear.
    Lows: No low points
    Verdict: Nice figure for post-apocalyptic scenes.
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: WM-008
      PUBLISHED: Dec 14, 2018
      NATIONALITY: Russia
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 90.00%

    Our Thanks to Weird Armies Reign!
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