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German Field Kitchen Scenery

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FeldkŁche: The Wehrmacht was famous for the fact that on the battlefield, everyone, regardless of class ate the same food. Those rations consisted of basically the same elements that were eaten back in the homeland: bread made of wheat and rye, pork (mainly sausages), and potatoes. in fact, the staple diet of the Wehrmacht was a nutrient rich stew made by mixing all of those ingredients together.Piping hot coffee was also available, making even the most frightening battlefield feel a little more like home. Distributions of these rations required the "Grose FeldkŁche Hf.13", a two-wheeled field ktichen, the center of which housed a 200 liter pot. That stew-cooking vessel was double-bottomed, with a layer of glycerin between the inner and outer pot to prevent scorch and to aid in the heat preservations.The front of the field kitchen was the "Vorderwagen Hf.11", a two-wheeled limber, which in additon to seating members of the cooking crew, had a food storage space below the seats and carried the "Speisentragen" food containers.Each Wehrmacht division consisted of baking companies (for bread) and butcher companies (for pork). There, bread was baked in oven trailers and pigs were made into sausage before being supplied to the various units. A single "Grose FeldkŁche Hf.13" could feed 125 to 225 men.


What's in the box ?
The kit provides the elements for making a limber, a trailer, 4 figures and their accessories. The construction of the limber and trailer was easy. No sanding was needed to achieve a good result.The detail on the limber and the trailer is of high quality. The kit also provides some decals to put in even more detail.


The Figures
In this kit, you'll also find 4 figures, that is 2 Wehrmacht soldiers and 2 chefs or cooks. The details on those figures are excellent. The insignia of the 2 soldiers are well crafted and the heads are close to resin-products, specially on the man with the moustache !! To keep things short; everything on the faces and bodies of the 4 figures meets the high standards we know from Tamiya. Unfortunately that can't be said about the hands of the figures. I don't understand why they are so bad on detail while the rest of the details on the figures is so good. Despite the hands, I still think they are worth the money.


The Diorama Parts
Inside the kit you'll also find some extras like all kinds of bread, some apples, a lamp, two kitchen posts, a sack of potatoes, some cheese, two food containers and a milk churn.......All the extra parts are of really good quality too.


I really can recommend this kit to all who want a cheap, clean and good looking German field kitchen.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35247
  Suggested Retail: 19 euro
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 18, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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