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Model Graphix Modelling Magazine

by: Rhodes Williams [ RHODES ]

In the first issue of 06, the boys from Nippon treat us to a an entire selection of models and dioramas as well as reviews on the latest and greatest in the hobby.

Model Graphix is not as common as Armor Modelling Magazine, but essentially is edited and contributed by the same fellows. Although considered a general modeling review is leans far far to the armour modeling spectrum with almost all the content containing items related to armour, figurines and diorama enthusiasts.

Almost entirely in Japanese, it contains a plethora of information for the modeler in any language. Like Armour Modelling Magazine, much of the important content is in colour. Legendary modelers such as Maishahiro Doi contribute heavily to the content and are featured quite prominently in the opening pages.

The very first pages deal with the “Headline Topics” for the month where the latest impending releases from the likes of Dragon, Tristar, and Tamiya are covered.

Page six kicks off an in your face selection of world class dioramas, the very first containing the Tristar Pzkfw IV D by dio legend Yoshitaka Hirano. The work are photographed in a dizzying array of close up colour images to tempt your modeling itch.

Next up is an equally impressive diorama by Nobuaki Horimoto utilizing the Dragon Elefant a AFV Club Pak 40. What I find cool in particular is how Model Graphix includes a photo journal of Nobuaki at his local hobby shop in Tokyo picking out the items he uses to build this excellent work, including all the kits in box art form he uses. The article also covers, in great detail in both text and photographic form the products and tools used in step-by-step form to build the base, the diorama, and painting of the figurines.

Other articles cover diorama layout in form, scratch building trees, doing groundwork and on and on. Awesome stuff here, and all done in easy to follow photographic sequences. Just keep in mind this is a Japanese publication and turn the pages from back to front if you happen to be a Westerner like me.

There are also articles on sci-fi subjects and wingy things, but these tend to be abruptly brief. Clearly the editors focus is armour.

As interesting as the articles are the “Newcomers” sections. These are broken down by subject matter, and as expected the armour, figurines and diorama sections are quite substantial. The January issue covers the newest 1/48th scale kits and endless coverage of the tasty latest 35th scale subjects such as Tri-Star’s new “Last Consultation” officers set, Eduards Hetzer with interior, and Dragon’s flak 37 as well as Modelkasten’s complete 7.5 Pak 41 (NICE!!!).

Other AFV Newcomers pages cover turned barrels, resin detail sets, photo-etch for the Stur-Emil and the latest Alpine Miniatures figurines.

You also get a monthly cartoon strip with anatomically over-correct gals and lads with long flowing locks of hair…whatever, colour images of a visit to a Japanese military trawler, also shown in model form and two colour pages of “World Tank Museum News” which includes nifty colour cartoon of a T-34 as it roles on into the Battle for Berlin.

Damn, Japan Rocs! The only sour part of Model Graphix is that in America it is not so common, but can be purchased via the internet by visiting Hobby Link Japan http://www.hlj.com/ Get it whilst it’s hot!

Highly, highly recommended.

Model Graphix Military Modelling Magazine. Issue 1, January 2006 Number 254 Published monthly by Dai Nippon Kaiga Co., Ltd. 160 pages soft cover standard format. 78 HK Dollars.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: Number 254
  Suggested Retail: 78.00 HK$
  Related Link: Hobby Link Japan
  PUBLISHED: Feb 17, 2006
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

About Rhodes Williams (Rhodes)

Born in Essex, UK, Rhodes emigrated to the U.S. and resides in Los Angeles. His modelling passions include dioramas and figurines mainly Eastern Front and Afrika Korps.

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