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Asian Fern
Asian Fern
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Asian Fern is a laser-cut paper set of three ferns by Model Scene. They are scaled for 1/35-1/45 and should work with 1/48. This is set VG3-035.

Model Scene also offers these in 1/45-1/72.

The Set
Three sheets of green laser-cut ferns come in the package. Each leaf has the middle vein printed on them.

Each Asian fern consists of 13 parts:
    1 x Base pinna (division) of 12 fronds
    12 x individual fronds

Not to waste material, additional flora and fauna is lased into it:
    9 x Frogs, lizards, and a snake
    9 x various small plants

Each piece is cleanly cut. The fronds are held to the paper by one or two attachments. One can simply tear the fronds from the paper "sprue" but care must be used. While the paper is tough it is still paper and thus I think it is worth the time to cut them off. The smaller plants and creepies should certainly be cut out.

Serrated edges detail each frond. It appears that each frond is unique, if only in subtle ways - stem length, a chunk missing, depth of serrations.

The middle of each frond is printed with a vein.

Working with these little ferns was more challenging than I expected. Not difficult, just challenging. Part of the reason is that the fronds are relatively weighty and gravity works. I also placed all 12 fronds into the center of the base in one setting. For the next one I will set the first cluster, shape it when the glue is dry, and then place the final layer.

I used a tacky white glue. I doubt CA would work well. One needs a glue that will firmly hold the tall fronds to the base and yet cure slow enough to maneuver the frond stems to look proper. Many fern fronds stand up well with little droop. These paper fronds want to droop. I placed a couple at a time and used a pen cap to hold them up while I separated the next fronds.

Once all the fronds were set and the glue dry, one can shape the fern for the final desired look.

Ferns tend to be uniform in color although they often have some brown in them. This paper should take paint easily. One can spatter a few small areas of color to simulate disease or insect damage.

Model Scene's Asian Fern is a good looking plant once assembled. The serrated leaves and printed veins look fine. They are approximately two inches/5cm in diameter. I appreciate the extra reptiles and amphibians and plants which will add to the ground cover.

Depending on the glue used assembly can be slow. That said I completed my first plant in 20 minutes.

Ferns grow around much of the world. I am pleased with this set of three ferns. They will enhance Pacific war dioramas and other scenes. Recommend.

Please remember to mention to Model Scene and retailers that you saw this product here - on ARMORAMA.
Highs: Serrated leaves and printed veins. Extra flora and fauna.
Lows: Slow assembly depending on the glue used.
Verdict: I am pleased with this set of three ferns. They will enhance Pacific war dioramas and other scenes.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: VG3-035
  PUBLISHED: Feb 10, 2019

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