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OQF 75mm Barrel
OQF 75mm Barrel
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The model kits released today are usually of a very high standard and so built straight from the box we can get a reasonable model, but they are very much all the same with the exception of the quality of the finish. One item I picked up was the OQF 75mm barrel from RB Model, a product that can be applied to I believe every British armoured vehicle produced during World War 2 and I believe onto the 1950's.


I recently picked up a Tamiya Cromwell Mk IV and wanted to dress it up a tad to get something a little different. One of the items I purchased for it an OQF 75mm Barrel for the turret from RB Models. This arrived in a Ziploc bags with a sticky label on the front that has the product data printed on it.

The barrel is provided in four parts consisting of three turned brass parts for the muzzle brake and a turned aluminium barrel. The muzzle parts consist of a threaded ring that fits on the thread of the barrel easily; this is followed by the muzzle brake proper, this is also threaded and fits well on the barrel. The face of the muzzle brake has to be glued in place, but it does have a recessed ring to help with accurate placement and also prevents you adding it back to front.

The turned aluminium barrel has a short segment of recessed hole in the end with the thread around the outside of the . The shape of the barrel appears to be a good replacement for the kit barrel that is provided in two halves. I have not checked the fit of this barrel yet, but I do not envisage an issue as the back is the same shape as the kit part. The result will be a very easy to use improvement that I feel will be eye catching and far superior to the kit parts..


This barrel from RB Model appears to me to be a direct replacement with no extra work required. The detail is far superior to the plastic barrel and of course requires no clean up unlike the plastic barrel that comes in two halves. The price of £5.59 makes this a no brainer for me.
Darren Baker takes a look at the QQF 75mm Barrel from RB Model in 1/35th scale.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35B11
  Suggested Retail: £5.59
  PUBLISHED: Mar 02, 2019
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Their little 6pdr Barrels meant for the ITALERI Crusader Mk.I kits, the various Matilda kits and Valentines are very nice, too! I have, and have used a great bunch of RB BARRELS' Main Gun and Machine Gun Barrels; they're great and very reasonably priced! Highly recommend them to ALL!!!
MAR 06, 2019 - 01:18 AM

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