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Coffee Cartons
Cardboard Boxes - coffee
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Cardboard Boxes - coffee from Matho Models is a 1/35 modern accessory set, set 35071.

This card set contains a total of 36 boxes with six (6) different designs or brands.

Cardboard Boxes - coffee
Cardboard Boxes - coffee consists of slightly thick and slick paper. The paper is easy to cut and bend.

One side of each box is printed with a brown cardboard pattern, so the boxes can be displayed opened as well.

Six coffee brands are printed:
    Douwe Egberts
    Illy Expresso
    Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Printing is very sharp and most of it is legible. One can even make out the barcodes.

The cardboard color interior allows the modeler to assemble boxes as open.

While I did not assemble any of these cartons, I have assembled boxes from another set.

To assemble the boxes, carefully cut them from the sheet. Very fine subtle lines show where to fold the boxes and cut the side flaps. Use a sharp blade and a metal straightedge. If the modeler makes a slight mistake in cutting or folding, the box may be slightly out of square. Then you will fold the sides inward, then the segments are folded over. Finally, glue the end tab into the box. I used common white glue.

Matho Models has created Cardboard Boxes - Coffee , another excellent 1/35 set of modern cartons for our models needing a jolt of caffeine or a warm up.

Like the other sets I have examined, these are sharply printed and easy to build up.

Also like the previous sets, I have no meaningful complaint about this set and recommend it.
Highs: Sharply printed and easy to build up.
Lows: Nothing meaningful.
Verdict: This should be another popular set for modern day modelers.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35071
  PUBLISHED: Mar 31, 2019

Our Thanks to Matho Models!
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Nice set. Thank you for the review Fred. Randy
MAR 30, 2019 - 05:15 PM
I'm always curious when detail sets like these come out. How can these small market companies afford to pay to use the "big brand names" on their products? Even Dragon changes "Continental" to "Continentau" on tires (as an example) to avoid issues. This is not meant as a shot at any producer in specific... we've seen various brands of beer, soda pop, waters, chips, pop machines, cigarettes and more used. Didn't Takom and Diopark both release contemporary "German civilian cars" not mentioning "BMW" or "Mercedes"? All my years in ad agencies and the advertising environment, I'd like to know who's advising who. It baffles me. Why this but not that...? Or do you simply think there is no thought put it to it at all? Pleading ignorance on using an existing brand? Thanks for letting me think out Steve
APR 01, 2019 - 07:51 AM

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