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Stauffenberg Symbol Of Resistance - The Man Who Almost Killed Hitler
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by: Fay Baker [ AWESOME_ODP ]


There have been many depictions and records of the attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler by many history enthusiasts and Hollywood. I’m sure everyone has seen ‘Valkyrie’ where Tom Cruise plays Von Stauffenberg who’s love and loyalty for his country comes before the man who at that time controlled it. Stauffenberg took the next step to try and liberate his beloved Germany from a crazed lunatic, but in doing so signed his own death warrant along with many of his collaborators.


Stauffenberg Symbol Of Resistance The Man Who Almost Killed Hitler was written by Wolfgang Venohr, and published by Pen and Sword which retails at £25, but is available from the website of the publisher for £20. This book consists of 10 chapters on 300 pages on good quality paper, a hard back with a paper dust cover which depicts the visual carnage that Stauffenberg’s bomb caused along with a side profile of Stauffenberg himself, with detailed black and white photographs on glossy paper.

“The salvation of Germany is at stake. And nothing else…” Claus Von Stauffenberg, 21st May 1944. This highly emotive quote sets the scene of a highly decorated German Officer, who when serving in the North African Campaign as a staff officer in a Panzer Division and where he was severely wounded losing his left eye, right hand and other body disfigurements in April 1943. While he was being rehabilitated the decision was taken to alter the course of the War.

Stauffenberg and the rest of the collaborators had considered various methods to despatch their Fuhrer, including shooting him in the head with a pistol which was discarded for religious reasons. The decision was taken to use the cover of a military conference at the Wolfschanze (The Wolf’s Lair) in East Prussia to use a bomb in a standard military issued briefcase cleverly placed as close to the Fuhrer as possible. As planned, a pre arranged telephone call would summon Von Stauffenberg from the room, thus giving him time to reach a place of safety. Wolfgang Venohr covers the apprehension of all involved in the plot , leading up to Operation Valkyrie - the coup to over throw the Nazi regime and end the war in a dignified manner, which would be to make peace with the Allies Forces possible.


This book covers the background of Stauffenberg from his early life, right up until his execution at the hands of those who were still loyal to their Fuhrer. I found this publication both informative and engaging, which almost makes you feel as if you were there during the Assassination attempt on the 20th July 1944 and the executions of those involved including Von Stauffenberg’s death on the 21st July 1944 by firing squad which was carried out in the Courtyard of the Bendlerblock in Berlin. Venohr who was around 19 during the war has written an excellent book and has really taken on the urgency Germany was experiencing trying to end the war before more lives were lost and Hitler was adamant on if he was to fall, the Fatherland and all in it should fall with him also.
Fay Baker takes a look at a book from Pen and Sword written by Wolfgang Venohr and titled 'Wolfgang Venohr'.
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  PUBLISHED: May 13, 2019

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