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Voices of Stalingrad
Voices of Stalingrad Ė First Hand Accounts from World War 2ís Cruellest Battle
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by: Fay Baker [ AWESOME_ODP ]


In World War II, Hitler wanted it all, and he did not care at what cost. Stalingrad (Volgograd as it is known today), was named after Joseph Stalin, who was Hitlerís arch enemy and he could not resist the urge to crush this centre of manufacturing and communication. What followed next was one of the most brutal and bloody battles of World War II. It left the city destroyed, and what was left of the 6th army had no choice but to surrender to the Soviets.


This edition of the Voices of Stalingrad (previously published as Voices of Stalingrad: Nemesis on the Volga 2006 and Voices of Stalingrad: Unique firsthand accounts of World War IIís cruellest battle 2007) is published by Green hill books in association with Pen and Sword. Written by Jonathan Bastable this soft back book contains 320 pages of good quality paper with black and white photos, and maps. It has 9 chapters as follows:

From Red beard to Blue
Enemy at the Gates
War of Rats
Conquest of the Factories
Uran - The Counter Attack
Inside the Cauldron
Cold Days in Hell
Operation Ring
After the Battle

The volume also contains a glossary, chronology, contributors index, general index, acknowledgements, and picture credits.

The battle for Stalingrad took place from 23rd August 1942 until 2nd February 1943. This book gives a unique insight into the largest battle of World War II, from the civilians who were caught up in the fighting and the ordinary soldiers who took part in the battle. Containing firsthand accounts and never before published material from KGB and German archives which have recently been released including rare photographs of the battle. With over 100 sources this is a fascinating narrative to one of the bloodiest campaigns ever undertaken.


I found this book very informative, and I like how it incorporates the words of those who took part and not just hear say. It gives a real sense of what happened right down to the fact that everything was rationed at the time (even sleep), and the horror of what was happening - not just the soldiers but to the civilians who were caught up in the fighting. This would be a great inclusion for anyone interested in military history.
Fay Baker shares with us her opinions of a title from Pen and Sword covering the Germans efforts to take Stalingrad and is titled 'Voices of Stalingrad Ė First Hand Accounts from World War 2ís Cruellest Battle'.
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  PUBLISHED: May 16, 2019

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