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Modern Russian Infantry (Chechnya)

by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Sculpted by Bill Chilstrom, Warriors Kit #35391 depicts a modern Russian soldier in a relaxed pose in that war-torn region. The box photo clearly states that an AK rifle and rifle sling are not included with the resin kit (buy DML’s “AK-47/74 Weapons Set Part 2,” Kit #3805 to fill the void).

The kit parts (wrapped in bubble paper) are:

· Single cast body with molded-on body armor vest
· Right arm
· Head with molded-on helmet

The tan resin figure has crisp molding and very little flash. I didn’t see any warping, gouges, cracks, or air bubbles. Details such as straps, pocket flaps, and pouches look sharp and extend even to the wrinkles on the uniform, vest, and mature-looking face.

I sawed off the pour blocks, did some light sanding, and test fitted the parts. To my amazement, cutting off the pour blocks right where they meet the resin pieces left the resin pieces with no need for further preparations, meaning I didn’t need to sand the arm or the head down to fit, nor did I need to add putty where the right arm met the torso because there wasn't a gap.

The right arm has a nub that fits into a hole on the shoulder socket. Most times I am wary of the resin manufacturer using the “pin in hole” construction technique because often the pin doesn’t even fit well into the hole (or misses the hole). Warriors made the right arm’s nub fit so precisely in the hole that the arm held without glue; the same occurred with the head fitting perfectly into the torso. Once fitted, there were no gaps; the shoulder of the right arm was even flush with the torso’s shoulder—talk about remarkable fit and craftsmanship! After testfitting, I applied superglue to all parts and gluing just took me ten minutes.

I noticed that this figure doesn’t come with any ammo pouches or other gear, not even a knife, ironic for a figure in a combat zone. Nonetheless, I bought the figure knowing this fact, and since the pose portrays a relaxed one without a rifle included, I knew that this figure isn’t supposed to represent a soldier fighting. For those figure modelers who do wish to have this Warriors Russian figure ready for combat, use a 1/35 DML Soviet figure kit and salvage it for some AK ammo pouches and other gear.

The figure scales well to DML and BLAST Model’s modern 1/35 figures, and this figure looks proportional. I stood it up and noticed that both boots rest solidly on the ground, a nice fact to know if a modeler wishes to glue this figure to a plain plastic base devoid of groundwork.

For best painting results, wash and then prime the entire figure first.

I highly recommend this kit to anyone interested in modeling a modern Russian soldier in that conflict.
Warriors has a knack of releasing some unique subjects for its resin figure line, the 1/35 “Modern Russian Infantry (Chechnya)” being one of them.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35391
  Suggested Retail: $15 USD
  Related Link: VLS Website
  PUBLISHED: Feb 26, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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