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EAGLE V the German Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


This introduction is as supplied by Tankograd:
In the case of the new Eagle V Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff the focus of development was mainly on increasing the payload, improved protection of all areas, better mobility, logistical similarity to the already fielded Eagle IV, and quick availability. Since the first series vehicle had been handed over to the German Army on 04 April 2014, 176 vehicles have been procured by the Bundeswehr. This publication describes extensively the Eagle V in service, on exercises and missions abroad and shows its technical features in great detail.


This offering from Tankograd is a soft backed book of 64 pages. The author of this offering is Tankograd Publishing regular Ralph Zwilling. This offering is one of the dual language titles from Tankograd Publishing; there is German on the left of the pages and English on the right side. The book has been printed in a portrait style and I know from experience that the cover is up to the task of protecting the contents with reasonable handling.

Tankograd has covered the Eagle V in a number of sections which are listed below. The sections are for the most part a mix of text and photographs, the text provides the bones of the content in as mentioned German and English and the pictures then put the meat on the bone and so filling in the blanks visually. The photographs in this title are all colour offerings and of a high quality. The sections of the book are split up as follows:
Vehicle Description
Chassis Propulsion
Vehicle Systems
Protected Cell
Weapon Stations
In German Army Service
In UN Service
Family of Vehicles

The text for each section usually consists of a single page and is tackled in a way that quickly gets the desired information to the reader but can on occasion leave the reader wanting more. This slack is taken up by the images as each and every photograph has an excellent caption provided in both German and English. The captions tend to direct you to who is using vehicle in the photograph, what exactly is shown and directing you to specific attributes of the photographs content. I am not saying you will get all of this information for every photograph, but that is the mix of content usually provided.

The sections under the following listings ‘In German Army Service, In UN Service and Family of Vehicles’ are tackled via photographs only and of course those excellent captions that have already been mentioned. These photographs look at the Eagle V in two environments where it has been utilised. In German Army Service you get to see the Eagle V in its home environment and I was very pleased to see the vehicle in a used condition rather than pristine; this provides the modeller with a guide to weathering that will look natural. The vehicle in UN service provides a look at the vehicle in a completely different role with the white paint giving the vehicle an interesting look. The final area looks at the Eagle V in a wide and varied number of uses.


I am a firm fan of these books from Tankograd Publishing and this one does not disappoint either. It offers a good mix of written information and visual data in an effort to provide as much detail as possible within the limits of the publication. The photographs are all in full colour and of a very good quality. The modeller even if not interested in the vehicle beyond its looks is provided with photographs of the vehicle inside and out, and perhaps most importantly where dirt tends to collect in use and to what degree; This will enable the modeller to add a very realistic weathering finish. The section covering the Eagle V in its native Germany is I believe the best section for the above purpose. Yet another great addition to the Tankograd series of titles.
Darren Baker takes a look at one of the most recent releases from Tankograd covering the EAGLE V the German Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff on this occasion.
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 2019

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