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Blitzkrieg - Book

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

The full name of this book is “BlitzKreig, The unpublished Photographs 1939-1942, Poland, Low Countries, France, North Africa” The book, that is written by Ian Baxter, is copyrighted by Amber Books Limited 2002 and is published by Brown Books Ltd.

This book has a little bit of everything in it. It has bit of textual history outlining various stages of Hitler’s ‘Blitz’ and historical photos that will suite almost every genre of model building, figures, armor, dioramas, and aircraft.

The photos are all black and white. They range from simple candid photos of a soldier waiting for war to political rallies to armor columns rolling across the countryside. It even includes photos with civilians too.

This is a good solid book for situational reference, building inspiration, weathering reference and subject reference.


Chapters 1 and 2
"Germany Reborn" and "Blitzkrieg Unleashed"

These chapters outline the rise of Hitler and his pre war strategies. Then it goes into the overthrow of Poland. The text was interesting and touched on things I was not aware of and I think others will find enlightening.The images are all calm and range from kids playing on a SdKfz 263 to a parade column to a sFH 18 howitzer in action. There are Lots of photos with lots of good detail on the build up and deployment of the German troops. There are lots of photos that appear to be personal photos taken in more of a candid fashion.


Chapters 3 and 4
"The Western Campaign" and "The Road to Dunkirk"

These chapters cover Hitler’s attack on the Low Countries and then display how the Germans pushed the Allies back on their heels. Again lots of photos here, including a lot of action photos on both Axis and Allies. There are shots of Aftermath type of photos, resupply photos, bridge demolition, bridge crossings, cow milking (love that one). There are a number of ‘field kitchen’ photos.


Chapters 5 and 6
"The End Comes" and "Crisis in the Desert"

The Fall of France and Rommel’s antics with the Afrika Korps in North Africa. The textual history was interesting to me. I like the perspective, it was different and unique.Many photos of bombed buildings and German takeovers. Many close-up photos of artillery. The Africa pictures have a large number of ‘figure’ photos, busts, small groups, etc. Lots of diorama inspiration. There is a good mix of AFV/Softside photos in ‘situations’


Chapter 7
"Last Throw"

This last chapter outlines the end of the Blitz in North Africa. Once again the text was an easy quick read and highlights the major action. The photos give a solid round up of subject.

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