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ANZAC Drivers (1917-1918)
ANZAC Drivers (1917-1918)
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


The Australian Army fought on two fronts in World War 1, while fighting in Europe along side their Commonwealth brothers, they also deployed to the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. A new figure set from ICM provided two driver figures serving in that campaign.

1 Plastic Sprue
1 Instruction and painting sheet

This new set of figures from ICM looks to be the perfect accompaniment for the ICM Model T car they previously released. The two figure set looks to very well molded, with great looking molded details and no flash. There are some seams to be cleaned up, but does not look bad at all.

Both figures are molded in a sitting position wearing what looks to be tropical uniforms, both in shorts. The uniform details look to be very well done with crisp lines for the pockets and webbing, as well as natural looking folds. The facial detail also looks to be very well done, the only thing missing would be the chin straps for the hats, they are shown on the boxart. Also missing is the painting guide shows a mustache on one figure, the detail is missing on the figure.

Assembly of the figures goes very nice, the fit is generally good, but if you plan on adding to the Model T, you will need to have the machine gun available to ensure positioning the arms. This applies to the driver himself as well. I found lining the arms and hands up on the steering wheel difficult. I am thinking that one hand may need to cut off and re-positioned.

The fit of the two figures with in the vehicle is tight, but then again it is a small vehicle, and they do look good sitting in the seats.

The two sided instruction sheet is typical of ICM, with assembly and paints callouts on one side, and sprue layout and paint colors on the other side. Typical for ICM, Revell and Tamiya are the paint brands referenced.

Another slight downside to the set is the lack of any personal gear, likes side arms, rifles, canteens, etc.

ICM has delivered another good looking and useful set of figures. The moldings are well done, with good fit for assembly. Some work will need to be done to ensure arms and hands are in the right place to fit the MG and steering wheel. Overall this is a very nice and useful set from ICM, and I would highly recommend.
Highs: Nice moldings, useful and interesting subject
Lows: Some position problems with hands and lack of any personal gear.
Verdict: A useful set of figures to fill in the Australian Model T, highly recommended
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35707
  PUBLISHED: Aug 04, 2019
  NATIONALITY: Australia

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Great to see this release. A very welcome subject of an oft forgotten part of the military scene. Not always bombs and bullets.
AUG 06, 2019 - 03:35 PM

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