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Zimmerit set for Panther
Zimmerit set for Panther A mid/late
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by: Dave Shick [ ILLINI ]


Das Werk – DWA015 Zimmerit set for Panther mid/late (Das Werk 35010/35011). The previous text is from the package label, and I have no clue what the DWA015 refers to or why there are two part numbers.

Das Werk is a relatively new player in the plastic model business, and have sometimes cooperated with another manufacturer to “rebox” their kit. This particular one is done with ATAK model, a Polish company that has several zimmerit sets. This set is for use with the Das Werk Panther A mid/late, which is a no interior version of the Takom full interior kit.


I happen to own and have started the Takom kit, which has been languishing in my UFO (Un Finished Object) stash for quite some time. So, when I saw this available on the Andy’ Hobby Headquarters YouTube channel, I decided to get it and see how it works with my kit – pretty well I’d say.

The ATAK site describes this as DAMLER BENZ pattern zimmerit (squares).
The kit: consists of one sheet of very thin resin (I think that’s what it is) with the various zimmerit pieces embossed on it, and several resin pieces that replace various kit parts that would be very difficult to wrap in the resin sheet material. Pictures show these.

Instructions: there are NO instructions which I find annoying. Even though it is mostly obvious what the various parts are (see the pictures) there are a couple I haven’t identified, like the rectangular resin piece that doesn’t have any zimmerit on it.

Decals: none

Photo etch: none

Fit: a few pictures show how I used some of the pieces on my kit. I only temporarily tacked them on, as needed, with “school glue” so I could release them and permanently attach them later.
• The most involved bits were the upper hull side, which has several small pieces that have to fit in between various equipment rack pieces. The fit was actually quite good, with a little extra top and bottom to allow trimming later.
• The side piece for the turret fit quite well, but popped off as I was setting up for the picture; school glue isn’t so good as PVA
• The lower hull piece was quite an impressive fit with parts I had cemented months ago. There is one piece already there (round thing in one picture) that interferes with the zimmerit laying down. Either the zimmerit needs to be cut, or that piece removed (which is what I’ll probably do). Any idea what the purpose of that bit is in real life?
• The mantlet fits quite well as a replacement of the kit part

Overall, I think this will be a great enhancement to the Das Werk/Takom Panther A kit for those wanting zimmerit, but not wanting the time and effort of doing it by hand.
There is also a version of this for the panther A early kits which I assume would be of the same quality, as it is also based on the ATAK product.
will be sent in zip file with pictures

cost: $19.95 paid by me

source: Andy's Hobby Headquarters
Highs: Easy to use addition of zimmerit to an existing kit. Use of resin parts for hard to fit pieces
Lows: No instructions
Verdict: Get this if you want zimmerit on your Das Werk or Takom Panther
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35010/35011
  PUBLISHED: Sep 27, 2019

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I think the peice you've marked "spare" is actually for the front lower hull, and I believe the "bumps" on the hull side are for knocking back in track pins should they come loose. Looks like the alternate left hull side bit is for if you mount the gun cleaning rod tube on the engine deck.
SEP 27, 2019 - 09:56 AM
Looks like a nice set though I'd like them to offer different patterns as well as this one. Speaking of which, in the photos provided the sides seem to overhang above the upper track by a mil or so. If so that's an easy trim.
SEP 28, 2019 - 02:52 AM
WOW Das Werk has really hit the ground running with all their many hobby offerings of late. Congratulations!
SEP 28, 2019 - 02:58 AM

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