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1 to 1 scale badges
1 to 1 scale badges
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


FC Model has released some new badges into their range, one of them at my personal request. These badges are fantastic for the modeller who displays their builds on a base as it provides instant eye candy, and for those who produce dioramas it provides an instant information item. The latest badges in the mix are the badges of the 101st Airborne, the Special Air Service and the Long Range Desert Group, the LRDG was the one produced especially for me. So letís take a look at what is offered here.


The items provided here are packaged in re-sealable blister packs and so display the product very well. There is a paper insert telling the customer what the badge represents should that not already know. Should it be needed there is also a hanger opening in the top of the blister pack. The products each contain one badge in grey resin. These badges cost Ä5 each and that includes taxes, as such those outside of the EU may get them slightly cheaper as the taxes do not apply as I understand it, but the company will confirm that one way or the other.

101st Airborne raised in 1942 and is still going strong 78 years later. Most badges covering US units are cloth badges and are usually worn on the upper arm, it is possible that a cap badge version is provided but I do not know about it. As such this offering is smaller than the arm patch and is instead produced at the same scale as typical cap badge. The details on the badge are excellent in all respects including the font.

The SAS were raised as a regiment early in World War 2 and a degree of their initial training was conducted by the LRDG in the deserts of North Africa. For a short time after the end of World War 2 the SAS was disbanded, but was back in operation by 1950 as a Special Forces unit and proved themselves and their abilities in many areas of combat right up to the present day. The plaque appears to be a perfect replication of the SAS cap badge. The detail is raised and so allows some interesting painting approaches to be replicated on the badges.

The LRDG or Long Range Desert Group is a plaque that was replicated at my request due to a project in the works, and I did not want to break a LRDG badge from WW2 to use in a project. The LRDG only operated during World War 2 and in many ways can be considered the parent of the SAS. This Special Forces unit spent their time in North Africa fighting behind German lines and taking the German Air Force to task for the most part. The overall dimension of this plaque is a perfect match for the real cap badge, but the outer ring is thinner on the plaque than on the badge that I have. This has enabled the scorpion and LRDG wording to be larger. Due to these changes I cannot say that the badge is a perfect replica of the badge that I have, but I do know other patterns exist and that may be the reason for the changes present.

All of the badges have a light skin of resin around and behind the badges and I would suggest this is removed by a light sanding on a flat surface. I have done that with the LRDG badge and taken a photograph next to the badge itself.


These are great products for the modeller and will look great when added to model display bases and dioramas. The detail is crisp and I approve even where it is different to the badge I have in my possession. The price is affordable and make these a no brainer where the stocked badges are needed; I also look forward to FC Model Trend expanding their range of badges covering the main units and regiments that tend to be modelled.
Darren Baker takes a look at some new resin plaques from FC Model Trend for diorama and display bases.
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 35584, 35596, 3559
  Suggested Retail: Ä5
  PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2019

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