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RP-377VM1 jammer
RP-377VM1 jammer for modern Russian Army vehicles
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by: Alexey [ _VARYAG ]


RP-377VM1 jammer for modern Russian Army vehicles, correct to 1/35 Trumpeter 01594 BTR-80, 01595 BTR-82, Takom 2082 Typhoon-K, Meng VS-003 Tigr, VS-008 Tigr-M; Zvezda 3668 Tigr, 3683 Tigr-M with remote controlled turret Arbalet-DM.

RP-377VM1 is a last-generation Russian electronic warfare system, which was developed to provide protection against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (IED) in the interests of protecting personnel, vehicles while driving in a convoy and at positions in parking lots, as well as for protecting railway rolling stocks. It is a vehicle-mounted jammer system with a minimal size, weight and power consumption requirements while providing simple operational and high combat efficiency. RP-377VM1 mounts on different types of military vehicles including BTR-80/82 APC, Typhoon-K (К-63968, К-53949), Tiger and Rys (Iveco LMV). The system is widely used by mechanized units of the Russian army during operations in Syria, and also it can be seen during various military exercises inside the country.


The box presents 3D images showing both the general view of the product from different angles, and after its installation on the models from Trumpeter (01595), Takom (2082), Meng (VS-008) and Zvezda (3683). After opening the box, we can see a bag with resin parts, additionally protected by using bubble wrap. There are 29 pieces in the set, which is quite a lot, but this corresponds to the general concept of “Live Resin” products and allows you to most accurately transfer the smallest features of the prototype.

The kit contains:
- VHF transmitter;
- UHF transmitter;
- 6 elements of VHF antenna modules;
- UHF antenna module;
- 2 segments of the VHF antenna;
- 4 elements of the supporting frame;
- Two binds for mounting the antennas;
- 3 antenna mounts;
- Antenna cable;
- 4 extensions for attaching the system to a vehicle.

The resin parts look great, the edges are sharp and there are no bubbles. Modern technologies used in 3D printing and resin casting have made it possible to create delicate structural details - antenna clamps and extensions. The cooling fins on the transmitters are quite thin, look at the scale and even these have recesses with bolts which attachi the blocks together.

Dividing of thin parts from the runners requires a lot of care and attention plus perseverance, however, the resin is not brittle, and the boundaries of the cut are clearly marked. Side cutters, model knife and a fine-grained needle file are best suited for this purpose. Following my cleaning procedure, the kit parts are perfectly glued together with cyanoacrylate – the usual superglue which is usually used for assembling details from the polyurethane resin.

Antennas for VHF and UHF transmitters are made separately from binds for their installation, which complicates their assembly a little bit, but at the same time this allows you to move the antennas along the rails for the most accurate match to the prototype. You can examine some alterations in their placement on different military vehicles by using the photos. When assembling, you should add the cables between the antennas and the transmitters individually, in accordance with the box art and photos. To make it, you can use a wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm for VHF and 0.15 mm for UHF transmitters.

The only cable, which connects the transmitter blocks, is made by the manufacturer from the resin and there is no need to change its position. It is also important not to forget to install power and control cables running from the inside of the vehicle to the lower unit of the transmitter.

After comparing assembled model with the corresponding photos of the prototypes, it can be concluded that the manufacturer managed to realistically convey all the details and features of the R-377BM1 jamming system.


The RP-377VM1 jammer for modern Russian Army vehicles kit is another great 1/35th scale product from “Live Resin”. The manufacturer offers us a high-quality product with modern molding technology and carefully cast kit parts that fit perfectly together. The necessity for scratch-building of the connecting cables can complicate assembling process for the beginner; however the final result and an exact match to the prototype are worth the efforts. This kit will be a great additional set to any model of modern armored vehicles in 1/35th scale, which is in service with the Russian army.

Thanks to “Live Resin” for the review sample.
Highs: High-quality product with modern molding technology builds into a realistic 1/35 scale replica Of Russian RP-377VM1 jammer.
Lows: Complex assembly.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRE-35351
  PUBLISHED: Nov 14, 2019

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Interesting and good to know that something this specific is available for those deciding that extra detail is necessary (that's almost all of us on this site!).
NOV 15, 2019 - 04:21 AM

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