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Russian army soldier in Ratnik
Russian Army Soldier in Modern Infantry Combat Gear System-Reversible Camouflage Suit Version, Suitable for all areas.
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by: Alexey [ _VARYAG ]


The equipment system «Ratnik» («Warrior») is a set of uniforms and outfits of the Russian soldiers, also referred to as «The future infantry combat system». This system of equipment began to enter service with the Russian army in early 2015, first of all it was equipped with special purpose units and marine corps. Currently, «Ratnik» is widely used in the military, every year the Russian Armed Forces receive about 50 thousand sets. There are two options of color performance of equipment – for a wooded and for desert areas. Desert color option is actively used during military operations in the Syrian Arab Republic.


This figure, like all the kits manufactured by «Live Resin», is packed in a small cardboard box. There are several 3D images printed on the box, showing the general view of the assembled figure from different angles. After opening the box, we can see a bag with resin parts, additionally packed with a protective air film. The set consists of seven sprues with 18 parts made of gray resin, which can be easily separated by side cutters and cleaned with a model knife and fine-grained file.

The kit contains the following parts:
- Torso;
- Legs;
- Helmet;
- Right and left hands;
- AK-74M assault rifle;
- A set of 7 pouches, a flashlight and a handheld radio;
- A pair of combat boots and a flask in pouch.

The three-dimensional model with which the «master» was printed to replicate the figure was created using 3D scanning of a real person in the appropriate equipment. This made it possible to maintain the correct anatomical proportions of the figure, as well as to make realistic folds on clothing and ammunition, taking into account their various positions. Resin parts are molded qualitatively, the edges are clear, there are no bubbles or voids.


The figure represents a solder of the Russian Armed forces standing in a relaxed pose. The warrior looks over his left shoulder and holds AK-74M in his lowered right hand. This figure will look great next to the model of military vehicles or on it. The soldier is dressed in elements of «Ratnik» equipment system, including a 6B47 combat helmet, 6B45 body armor, 6B51 elbows and knees protection, jacket and pants from a reversible camouflage set 6Sh122, as well as a 6Sh117 PALS fighting load carrier. The set of «Strelok» («Rifleman») pouches option includes two (right and left) pouches for two AK-74’s magazines and one flare or bayonet; two pouches for two magazines for AK-74; two grenade pouches; special multitool knife 6E6 «Rosa» («Dew») in the pouch; two universal cargo pouches; a cover for a flask and a first-aid kit AI-3-1VS. At the same time in the left pouch for automatic rifle magazines there is a bayonet-knife to AK-74. Also, on the left side of the chest is proposed to fix the radio R-187P1 «Azart» («Excitement») in the pouch and a 6E2 combat light. The equipment clearly shows folds and irregularities, there are all the necessary fasteners and eyelets at the pouches, as well as a mesh on the fighting load carrier. The warrior’s face is covered with a balaclava and the worn hood is visible under the helmet.


The seams at the joints between the individual parts are almost invisible and if necessary, they can be shed with cyanoacrylate – a conventional superglue, that is used to assemble parts from polyurethane resin.

There is no assembly instruction, but the layout of the elements is clearly visible on 3D images. Before assembly, you can pre-place the equipment on the figure, using the «Patafix» or «Blu Tack» glue pads for temporary fastening. The location of the pouches and equipment on the figure is logical and is confirmed by photos of real soldiers. However, in my opinion, the pouch with a knife 6E6 «Dew» can prevent the warrior from pushing the butt-stock of an assault rifle in his shoulder when aiming and it is better to fix it in another place. Part of the torso with PALS webbing on the vest is made without pre-marked places for attaching pouches and allows you to do this without any problems.

The arms and legs of the figure are joined with the torso without significant gaps.

The fingers of the hands in shortened combat gloves are thin and have a clear separation. The assault rifle can be inserted into the right hand after assembly and painting of the figure, it is necessary to add a gun sling to it by yourself. 6B45 body armor naturally fits the body, demonstrating own weight.


This kit is the first of a series of figures of the Russian Armed Forces from the company «Live Resin». It can be used both independently and as a supplement for any model of military vehicles in a wide variety of environmental conditions. The anatomy of a fighter is carefully designed, and the posture is rather natural and believable. The assembly process does not cause any difficulties.

Thanks to «Live Resin» for this review sample.
Highs: excellent detailing and correct anatomy, easy assembly, the ability to change the location of pouches and equipment by yourself.
Lows: you should independently add a gun sling to the assault rifle
Verdict: highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRM-35039
  PUBLISHED: Dec 09, 2019

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Great review, thanks! Mario
DEC 09, 2019 - 09:46 AM
Nice figure with good detail; here's hoping that you'll show us the painted final version sometime soon!
DEC 09, 2019 - 02:14 PM
Great review! Thanks Alexey.I have the same figure and added a photo etch sling(it came from the Bronco PLA parade series. The challenge is the patterns on the reversible camo.
DEC 29, 2019 - 09:18 AM

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