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Tankograd Yearbook 2020
Tankograd Yearbook 2020
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has released their 2020 year book of the German Army with this title that looks at all of the vehicles in service with the German army at this point in time. So letís take a look at what it offers in more detail.


The author of this release from Tankograd Publishing is Ralph Zwilling who has authored a lot of titles released by Tankograd Publishing. This offering from Tankograd Publishing is printed in a portrait style with a soft card backed cover, with reasonable handling I feel this cover is up to the task of protecting the book. There are 136 pages of good quality semi gloss paper in between the covers. This release by Tankograd Publishing is a duel language release in German and English, German text on the left side of the page and English on the right. Printed on the pages you will find are 197 photographs in colour.

Taking a look at the text reveals well written English text that is concise and to the point, I cannot however vouch for the German, but with Tankograd Publishing being a German company I am happy to believe it is spot on. Now you have to understand that the purpose of this release is to provide the reader with information on the vehicles in use with the German Army and not to provide in depth detail on each of the vehicles.

The photographs in this title are of the high standard I have come to expect from Tankograd Publishing when the subject matter is of a modern nature. The pictures have been well chosen by Ralph Zwilling and show off the subject matter in a positive way. The title covers all aspects of the German Army from Main Battle Tanks through the other tracked and wheeled vehicles ending with the soft skinned trucks and the like.


This offering from Tankograd Publishing and written by Ralph Zwilling provides a one stop reference of just what is in use with the German Army at a specific point in time. The text is well written and informative despite the limitations of the title and the space it provides for each vehicle in the book. The photographs are of a high standard and I am informed contains 150 never before published photographs.
Darren Baker takes a look at the Armoured Vehicles of the Modern German Army 2020 release from Tankograd Publishing.
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  PUBLISHED: May 09, 2020

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I greatly appreciate these kinds of update books as it is too easy forgetting that modern armies evolve and that, no longer, is the Marder in use, etc. Great pictures and references.
MAY 09, 2020 - 12:51 PM

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