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Russian Soldier in Ratnik #4
Russian army soldier #4 in modern infantry combat gear system - reversible camouflage suit version, suitable for all areas
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by: Alexey [ _VARYAG ]


The equipment system «Ratnik» («The warrior») is a set of uniforms and regimentals for Russian soldiers, also referred to as «The future infantry combat system». This system of equipment began to enter service with Russian army in early 2015, first of all it was supplied to special purpose units and marine corps. Currently, «Ratnik» is widely used in the military, every year Russian Armed Forces receive about 50 thousand sets. There are two options of color performance of equipment – for a wooded and for desert areas. Desert color option is actively used during military operations in Syrian Arab Republic.


This figure is packed in a small cardboard box. The box contains 3D images showing the general view of the assembled figure from different angles. After opening the box, we can see a bag with resin parts, additionally packed with a protective air film.

The set consists of nine sprues with 22 parts made of gray resin.
The kit contains the following parts:
- Torso
- Legs
- Helmet
- Right and left hands
- PKP machine gun with two cartridge boxes
- A set of 5 pouches, a flashlight and a personal radio
- Two options for the bipod to the machine gun
- Parts of the weapon belt
- A pair of combat boots and a head

A three-dimensional model of a soldier was also created using 3D scanning of a real person in the appropriate equipment. Thanks to this, the correct anatomical proportions of the figure are observed, and realistic folds on clothing and ammunition are made, taking into account the characteristics of the pose. The resin parts are molded in a good quality, the edges are clear, there are no bubbles or weights.


The figure represents a Russian Armed Forces machine gunner, sitting on the armor, dressed in elements of equipment “Ratnik”. The PKP machine gun was hanged by a soldier on a weapon sling, draped around his neck. The machine gunner's face is hidden by a balaclava. Judging by the angles of the bend of the legs and the reclined back, the figure will look great on the armor of Russian armored personnel carriers of the BTR-80/82 family.

The soldier’s figure is wearing the following equipment: a 6B47 helmet with 6B50 glasses, a 6B45 bulletproof vest, 6B51 joint protection, a jacket and trousers from a two-sided camouflage set 6Sh122, as well as an “older” base than the other figures in the series 6Sh116. The set of pouches of the “Machine Gunner” version includes two pouches for a tin box of 100 rounds or 250 rounds in ammo belt; a daypack (bread bag) and a medical pouch P-MD-00. The R-187P1 “Azart” personal radio in the pouch is proposed to be fixed on the right side of the chest, and the 6E2 flashlight on the left side of the helmet. On the back of the bulletproof vest 6B45 under the stretched fabric is visible armor plate. Regarding the choice of places for fastening pouches of the PALS system, the figure is somewhat conservative and does not provide for a large number of options. All slings and fasteners on equipment are clearly shed and have sharp edges. The loops for fastening the vegetation on the shoulders of the shirt of the camouflage set 6Sh122 turned out to be somewhat blurred. Under the seven-liter bread bag, an unregulated rug sticks out, in the common people a “five-point” designed to preserve the health of a soldier during prolonged sitting on unequipped cold places - armor, stones, damp ground, etc.

Existing tactical glasses 6B50 have only transparent lenses and the manufacturer made a small copy of them from opaque resin, so the modeller will have to choose a way to simulate the gloss and transparency of the glasses on his own.

The PKP, modern version of famous Kalashnikov PK/PKM machine gun is beautifully detailed and, in my opinion, is the best copy of this sample of small arms in 1/35 scale. Sights, an open ammo belt receiver and design features of the barrel air cooling system are perfectly visible. Bipods can be made both in the unfolded state and pressed against the barrel. The ammo boxes are given in two versions with open and closed ammo belt feeder covers. Unfortunately, in the kit there is no imitation of a piece of ammo belt with cartridges between the box and the body of the machine gun, however, if desired, you can easily pick up from other sets or make it yourself.


The seams at the joints between the individual parts are almost invisible, apart from the places where the hands are attached to the body. On pouches with ammo belts, steps from 3D printing stand out a little, they need to be polished or smoothed with putty. It will also be necessary to smooth out a couple of places for joining parts of the weapon belt and imitate its fastening to the butt stock of the machine gun. On the sprues with a machine gun and bipods to him, there is a slight flash.

There are no assembly instructions, but the arrangement of the elements is perfectly visible in the pictures from the box.

The PKP machine gun can be glued to the belt and pouches after assembly and painting of the figure.


A machine gunner with a PKP in modern “Ratnik” equipment from a series of figures of the Russian Armed Forces by “Live Resin” will look great as an addition to any model of military vehicle in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Assembling the kit is straightforward.
Highs: excellent detailing and correct anatomy, easy assembly, correct and detailed PKP machine gun.
Lows: a little putty is required, ammo belt pouch need to be polished or smoothed. Tactical glasses are made of opaque material.
Verdict: highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRM-35042
  PUBLISHED: May 18, 2020

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Startlingly realistic with amazing detail.
MAY 18, 2020 - 09:54 AM

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