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U.S. Military Assault Backpack
U.S. Military Assault Backpack (JS-35003)
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]

There are many different sets of military backpacks available in 1/35 scale, but very few of those convincingly depict modern military MOLLE-type packs. Jason Studio recently expanded their catalog with a very realistic set of 3D printed assault backpacks, which should prove a welcomed addition to any modern-day vignette or diorama.

This review covers U.S. Military Assault Backpack (JS-35003) set while the reviews of other products from Jason Studio can be accessed here: link.

The set is packed in a transparent plastic box, which features a CAD box art image showing three slightly different versions of assault backpack included in this set. The box contains a zip lock bag with 3D printed parts and a leaflet explaining how to clean the pieces from their carrier blocks.

There are quite a number of carrier supports to clean on these pieces. I used Tamiya sharp pointed side cutters for the job, starting with the thinnest carrier supports first and then moving to the thicker ones. After cutting the piece off its carrier block, I carefully removed the burrs and cleaned the surface using a sharp x-acto knife and some fine grit sandpaper. I was very patient during the process not to damage the pieces as some of the details are very delicate. The dark surface of the parts does not show details well, so I primed the pieces to check for any irregularities that I might missed during the cleanup. The primer reveals an impressive quality of the print with no printing imperfections whatsoever and sharp details all around. After taking the photos for the review, high magnification revealed several carrier support remains, so I cleaned those and re-primed the pieces once again.

The set includes three assault backpacks in three slightly different variants, one of these with an open main compartment. The details look really good: the front and side rows of PALS webbing are nicely defined, as well as the padded shoulder straps with waist belt, drag handle and two zippered front pockets. The sag of backpacks is convincingly depicted, as well as the stiff pack frame on the back. Altogether, I feel these are one of the most realistic military backpacks in 1/35 scale on the market today.

U.S. Military Assault Backpack (JS-35003) set from Jason Studio includes three 3D printed backpacks in 1/35 scale. The pieces are a bit complex to clean due to all the printing supports, but the extra effort is well worth it in the end. The print is absolutely magnificent with ton of nicely defined details which pop out under a coat of primer. Finally, Iím very impressed with the set as it offers 3 super realistic military backpacks in 1/35 scale.

Highs: Perfectly printed with lots of details all around. The set provides three extremely realistic 1/35 scale miniature backpacks.
Lows: Quite a number of carrier supports to clean.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: JS-35003
  Related Link: Jason Studio website
  PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2020
  NATIONALITY: United States

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These look great! Thank you for the review. How to order please? Looks like the vendor website is a dead link?
SEP 25, 2020 - 06:16 AM
Hobby Easy and Lucky Model carry this line. I'm not aware of any other distributors at this time. Mario EDIT: I just noticed the website is down at the moment. Hope it get's fixed soon.
SEP 25, 2020 - 06:52 AM
My help thing suggested adding www to their website address. With this addition I did find their fb page here... https://www.facebook.com/JASON-STUDIO-223886334805207/
OCT 14, 2020 - 10:29 AM

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