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German Africa Corps
German Africa Corps
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Hobby Boss has released a figure set in 1/35th scale titled German Africa Corps, but on closer inspection this release looks like the Tristar figure set of the same name. With that said you are not going to get complaint from me as I am pleased to see these available again as I missed them first time around.


This offering under the Hobby Boss name is supplied in the usual end opening carton favoured for this type of release, but I still wish a change to trays and lids would take place. That said this set has arrived in good order from Creative Models for review. The artwork on the box front is the same as that used by Tristar with just the name change having occurred to Hobby Boss. Inside there are four plastic bags protecting the contents and have done their task well. And examination of the sprues leaves me with a positive opinion of the moulding quality and the state of the moulds themselves overall.

This figure offering provides six figures which is unusual in itself as four maybe five figures if you are lucky at most is more usual. All of these figures are a relaxed group and a driver; the driver is a nice inclusion as it is the kind of pose we are often left looking for as modellers. You have three figures on a march to their next location and an officer telling them to move along nothing to see here. The final figure could be depicted climbing an unidentified object or mounting a vehicle. The poses offered are all very relaxed and I really like this aspect of them as a kit offering.

The uniform detail provided is of a level that is acceptable despite technically being an older figure set. The crease detail in the clothing is soft in appearance and by that I mean no sharp creases are present. Pocket detail looks good and is one of the ways I have been taught by members to identify uniform timeline. The termination point between shirt and trousers is soft and I am unsure if I like this look or not, but it should be considered I feel a matter of personal choice. The Y webbing is well replicated as are the items that are mounted to it, these items consist of:
Water canteen
Gasmask holder
Entrenching tool
Ammunition pouches
Mess tins
Bread bag
Tin helmet
It should be noted that not all of these items are shown on all of the figures. The driver is wearing shorts and no equipment at all, but you could always use some of the pieces provided to add some kit on a seat next to him or such.

Weapons wise the modeller is spoilt in this release with the following available in the set:
3 x Kar 98
3 x MP40
1 x P38 Pistol
2 x MG 34
The weapons will need the modeller to scratch slings and buckles and would also benefit from the ends of the barrels being opened a little with a drill bit.

Looking at the face detail on these offerings tells me Tristar was ahead of their time in this respect and that Hobby Boss made a good move in purchasing them. I think that the faces are some of the best I have seen in 1/35th scale plastic, and while they could be improved with resin heads I see no reason or need to do so, at the very least they are the best I have seen from the original release period. The hands are a mix of very good to needing a little help to detail the fingers on some of the hands. The legs of the figure in shorts could have been improved by being produced as separate parts and so providing undercut detail in that area.


Despite this being an older set of figures released under a new brand I recommend that you pick them up as they have life in them in my opinion. I like the stances and am impressed by the face detail provided, detail as a whole I would pass as fair to good.
Darren Baker takes a look at the German Africa Corps figure set from Hobby Boss in 1/35th scale.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 84410
  PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2020

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I entirely agree, especially on the value for money front. I have several of theses re-released sets, and they generally work out at 1.50 - 2.00 per figure. As to quality, they are at least as good as the alternatives such as Masterbox, Miniart, ICM and so on.
NOV 06, 2020 - 08:57 AM
Always useful as it allows me to mix and match figures so as to avoid an "all Dragon cast" as it were.
NOV 06, 2020 - 01:22 PM

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