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Fighting Through to Germany
Fighting Through to Hitlerís Germany
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by: Fay Baker [ AWESOME_ODP ]


The following is taken from the Pen and Sword website:

After landing on D-Day, 1st Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment fought through France, Holland and into Germany as part of the 3rd (British) Infantry Division. Ever cheerful, the Battalion were opposed by an increasingly ruthless enemy determined to deny the invader their homeland.

As the campaign developed, 1 Suffolk acquired an enviable reputation for getting the job done with the minimum of fuss. Inevitably casualties mounted up and, of the 850 who landed on D-Day, just 178 were still serving on VE-Day; 215 had been killed and 640 wounded.

The Battalionís success was due in large measure to fine leadership and all four commanding officers went on to enjoy distinguished careers. But without the stalwart fighting spirit and comradeship of all ranks none of the Battalionís achievements would have been possible.

This fine book draws on the testimonies of officers and men who served in this historic campaign. Recognition of the fighting record of 1 Suffolk is long overdue and the author is to be congratulated for pulling together these inspiring first-hand accounts along with many previously unpublished photographs.


This hard backed book from Pen and Sword is a compilation of the men of the 1st Suffolk Regiment, presented by Mark Forsdyke. It consists 294 pages of good quality paper, with a small photographic section in the centre. The contents are presented as follows:


Chapter 1 A Battalion Reborn
Chapter 2 Wired In
Chapter 3 The Landing
Chapter 4 Hillman
Chapter 5 Cazelle Wood
Chapter 6 Chateau De La Londe
Chapter 7 Consolidation
Chapter 8 Sanner Ville and Banne Ville
Chapter 9 Minden Day
Chapter 10 Tinche Bray
Chapter 11 Flers
Chapter 12 Hamont
Chapter 13 Weert
Chapter 14 Overloon
Chapter 15 Venrey
Chapter 16 Kasteel Geijsteren
Chapter 17 Winter on the Mass
Chapter 18 Wanssum Wood
Chapter 19 The Advance from Goch
Chapter 20 Hallen -Seckenhausen
Chapter 21 Bremen
Chapter 22 Occupation

Appendix 1
Canloan Officers
Appendix 2
Honours and Awards
Appendix 3
Role of Honour
Notes and Index

This offering is another one of those titles that tells the story of the men fighting in war in the words of those men. The book provides a good deal of information on the movements of the 1st Suffolk from just prior to D-Day to Warís end. Being the words of the men who were there, and who of course took part, provides the reader with a sense of what these men went through. Their highs, their lows, their losses and their gains, and of course the sorrow of a lost comrade. The author has done an especially good job, of bringing the words of all these different people, and presenting it in a cohesive manner that makes for a pleasing and informative read.

In the centre of the title are a small number of photographs from then and now and never before published. These images makes you realise how young some of those that were in the heat of battle were and brings home the words ďfor your tomorrow, we gave our today". These pictures and the words of the men may give you a different view come the next Remembrance Day.


I find books, that are presented in the form of the words of the people who were there, to be more informative than the thickest of history books. The book brings life to the story of in this case World War II, and gives an insight into what this war was like. The author deserves praise for the way he has presented the words of these men, as it makes for a very engaging read.
Fay Baker takes a look at a title from Pen and Sword titled 'Fighting Through to Hitlerís Germany'.
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Unit histories like this are great in that they give individuals a personal link with the events of the past, more so if they happen to come from the region where these units were raised.
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