In-Box Review
Tank Model's Russian Modern Soldiers w/SVD and PK

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

One look at any of Tank Model’s figure sets and one thing comes immediately to mind: an extreme amount of attention paid to detail, quality, and accuracy. This set, product number T-35069, is entitled “Russian Modern Soldiers w/SVD and PK” (2) Winter Chechnya 1993-2005. This set, consisting of two 1/35 scale figures, will give the modern era modeler an excellent choice for their next present day Russian winter diorama or vignette.

Inside the box
Inside the box, you will find two small zip-lock bags containing each figures individual kit parts, respectively.

Figure #1, tagged 069A on the casting lug, consists of 11 separate cast parts, including a one piece body/leg section, two separate arms, a choice of two heads (one with a knitted cap and one shaved bear headed style), separate backpack and helmet. His weapon of choice: the PK Machine Gun with bipod.

Figure #2, tagged 069B, is cast in the same standing/stepping position as figure #1, consists of six separate pieces, again including the body/leg section, two separate arm pieces, one head piece with knitted cap (although I do not see why you could not use the shaved head with this figure), helmet, and his Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle. Instead of a backpack, this figure is cast wearing a fully loaded tactical vest, with an additional tactical web system.

Both figures are wearing the M30 Delta style winter jacket with matching winter trousers, both in modern Russian “reed” camouflage pattern. High top leather tactical boots are worn by each soldier, one lace up style, the other in a pull on style, as well. In the box-top photograph each figure is holding a cigarette in their hands, but the delicate casts were broken off of both figures’ hands in my kit. Re-attachment won’t be a problem, though.

The detail of these figures is excellent, as to be expected from a quality resin cast figure. Tank figures are cast in a specially formulated, non toxic, polymer resin, and medium gray in color. Flash is nearly non-existent on the pieces, leaving cleanup to a minimum. Casting is clear and free from any apparent air bubbles or other flaws.

The test build
Both figures are cast in about the same style position, so choosing one or the other for a challenging fit is not a possibility. So I just reached into the box and pulled out a baggie, which enclosed figure #1, or 069A, cast on the base lug.

The first thing I experienced is that polymer resin is a bit of a double edged blade, as it is both soft and brittle at the same time. My reasoning behind this statement is simple. I had begun to remove the body/leg section from its casting lug using my razor saw. After only three gentle strokes the figure snapped off the casting lug. The problem is both feet were still attached to the lug! It had snapped at the ankles!

After mating the two sections back together with a little CA, I reached for the right arm piece. This part had only a small casting lug attached, which removed very easily, without breaking. But upon the cleanup of the lug remains, is when I noticed the softness of the resin, as it took but a few passes of the sanding stick to remove all traces. The resin also carves very easily. The joint between the right arm and upper body needed some precise trimming/sanding to get a good fit, and I think that the detail of the piece makes this a necessity, as the folds of the clothing must meet perfectly.

The left arm placement and attachment ran about the same as the right arm; with some very careful trim and sanding required…trust me, a little at a time! The head/neck piece was a cakewalk, fit really well, as was the back pack. All that’s left is to attach the helmet to the figures cast web system, and his weapon, which of course both will be done lastly after finishing the figure.

Overall the build was an easy one, but care must be taken in handling, trimming, and sanding of this special resin; very unlike the standard resin formulations that I’ve grown accustom to. I can’t wait to start painting this one!

Wrapping it up
Quite honestly I really did not know what to expect of these figures, but upon close examination was quite pleased with the overall quality, as well as the excellent cast and detail. As stated above, the resin formula will need a little getting used to, as it is much different than the norm. This two figure set from Tank Models will make an ideal selection for your next modern era Russian diorama or vignette, with its unique and most accurate subjects.

Highly recommended from this modelers’ point of view.

Many thanks to Tank Models for providing this review sample.
An extreme amount of attention paid to detail, quality, and accuracy. All things that spring to mind when reviewing Tank Model’s “Russian Modern Soldiers w/SVD and PK” (2) Winter Chechnya 1993-2005.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: T-35069
  Suggested Retail: $12-15.00 U.S.
  Related Link: Tank Model
  PUBLISHED: Apr 07, 2006

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