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German Air Raid Siren

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

When you think Air Raids over Germany you usually think of 200-300 Allied aircraft droning on over industrial Germany ready to drop their payloads. Not everyone thinks of the people in the cities trying to prepare for the chaos. Part of the chaos is air raid sirens blasting. Custom Dioramics brings us great detail parts for dioramas. This kit CD 6136 German Air Raid Siren is a great way to enhance any diorama located in Germany.

the kit

The kit is fairly simple and straight forward in content. It is basically a horn on a pole. The kit is five pieces made of the great cream colored resin typical of CD products. This one comes in a plastic bag with a cardboard support backing and a cardstock header.
Each piece has a resin block you will need to remove. The block on the pole will take patience to remove simply because it’s so long. If you’re patient it should come off with no problem. The block on the horn part will take a couple of passes (cuts) with a razor saw. Then after that a few careful drags of a needle file and it should be fine. The only reason these blocks may present any type of problem is because the parts are rounded where the block attaches. Careful cutting and being willing to take the time for two cuts and some sand paper vs. one gouging cut will pay off for you.

There are no instructions, and there is no ‘box’ art. You are not on your own however. The modelmecca order page has a picture as does the great color catalog. This is plenty to figure out how the five pieces go together. If not here goes a quick verbal assembly sheet. Glue the tall pole to the short base; slide the maintenance platforms grid side together over narrow end of pole, glue siren on top of pole flat side down, skinny plate on top. Total height of the final product is just about 9”.

The quality of the casting is very good. The details are very well done. You’ll find a control panel on the main pole with an electrical conduit running the length. The pole even has small mounting points for scratch building climbing pegs. The maintenance platforms have nicely molded tread plates. The base has great texturing.


I did quite a bit of research on air raid sirens. I reviewed every book in my library and a number at the public library and book store. I also looked on the internet in search of images and descriptions of German air raid sirens. I found basically two types for WWII. Type one is like a large bullhorn/megaphone. The second is like upside-down pie pans connected on a cylinder. This kit represents the second type. I found that these were either mounted perpendicular to a wall or pole or vertically on a pole or a platform. This one is crafted vertically. While I never found an identical match to CD kit, I can say with confidence this kit accurately portrays a WWII German air raid siren.

The details on this kit are nice and will build into a great detail piece. I found that sirens were in a number of different locations. They were obviously in built up urban locations

I'd like to thank VLS and Custom Dioramics for this product to review.
Details, it’s all in the details. This in-box review is of a German Air Raid Siren (CD 6136) from Custom Dioramics. Read the review and find out what all the noise is about.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: CD 6136
  Suggested Retail: $17.98
  PUBLISHED: Apr 17, 2006

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