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German Tankers (3) Winter, 1942-45

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

Tank's figure set T-35072 “German Tankers (3). Winter, 1942-45” is a familiar subject featuring three full figure German tankers outfitted in winter camouflage, and full radio equipment.

Kit-box and Contents
Inside the box you will find three small zip-lock bags, each one respectively containing the individual figure parts. No instructions are provided, so it will be largely up to the modeler to do a bit of research if he is not familiar with the uniform type and style.

The first figure (stamped 072A) consists of seven separate pieces. Cast in a standing position, 072A wears the M1942 padded reversible white/M1943 marsh pattern camouflage winter suit, consisting of both tunic and trousers. On his head he wears a M1934 peaked field cap and a set of radio/communication headphones. Heavy woolen gloves and leather reinforced white felt winter boots prevent his digits and appendages from freezing. A nice touch is the feldgrau woolen balaclava wrapped around his neck. 072A is posed with his left hand pressing the headphones hard against his left ear, as if trying to hear a little better. His right arm is held across his midriff. A black leather belt, with white metal buckle and a soft shell Walther P-38 holster completes his uniform.

Figure number 2 (stamped 072B) also consists of seven pieces. You have the option of choosing which type of headgear this figure will wear. Choice’s are the fleece trim felt field cap or the standard M1938 field cap. This figure is clad similarly to 072A, except for the separate balaclava and no weapon. He is posed in a standing position with hands plunged deeply in his tunic pockets

The final figure (stamped 072C) is an eight piece figure. 072C is the only one of the trio that is offered as a two piece body style figure. 072C is clothed identically to 072B, with the same choices in headgear. He is posed in a standing position with his hands placed in a “resting against a flat surface” position, as if standing inside an open hatch with both hands placed flat against the tank’s surface.

Detail on all three figures is top notch; clean, clear and very crisp. The three heads are cast uniquely with individual facial expressions adding realism and originality. A point of note is that although this set includes radio headsets, there is no inclusion of materials for the headset cables. Matching this cable gauge should not, however, be a problem for the average modeler. Finally, with some basic uniform research painting these figures accurately should not present any problems.

The Test Build
I have tried to make it standard practice to include a test build of one of the figures in my inbox figure reviews. In this case I chose 072C. As 072C is the figure with a two piece body style, it should in theory present the most fitment problems.

Starting with the body section, the casting lugs separated quite easily and negligible cleanup was required. After dry fitting the two body sections, they were glued together with a little CA. The head/neck combo piece only needed a light scoring around the circumference of the minute casting lug; with a gentle motion the parts separated quite easily. After just a minor trim the head was attached to the now complete body.

Each arm was attached after minimal trimming and attached accordingly. I chose the fleece trimmed felt field cap as headgear. I did not glue it in place at this time but just set it atop the head for purposes of the photo shoot. For painting and finishing purposes I have not attached the headset at this time. The test build went quite easily and very well; fitment was good, with only a minimum of trim needed.

Final thoughts
This is the second set of figures from TANK that I have had the privilege of reviewing recently. From this modeler’s point of view, these figures deliver all of what one would expect from a resin cast figure. Extremely well defined details, right down to the smallest accessory, are once again demonstrated in this figure set.

Overall, this three figure set from TANK proves to be a quality, well cast, well detailed, and extremely accurate trio. If all three figures assemble as easily and well as my test build, then not one problem can be found with this kit! This set will make a fine addition to your next German armor winter diorama. Hands down! Definitely recommended from this modeler's point of view!

Many thanks to TANK Company for providing this excellent review sample.
While not a new or unique subject matter, this 1/35 scale resin figure set from TANK delivers three superbly detailed full-length figures that will add fantastic realism to your next late-war winter German armor kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: T-35072
  Related Link: TANK Company Website
  PUBLISHED: Apr 19, 2006

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