In-Box Review
Panzer IV Ausf.B

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]


Cyber Hobby were started by Dragon, and they continue to market limited run variations of their main products. This Panzer IV B is obviously based around the popular Panzer IV series from Dragon, but with some interesting variations.

the kit

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It is only intended here to examine the differences pertaining to the kit depicting a ‘B’ variant.

the differences

The Ausf. B had a less refined engine than the later Ausf.C which was powered by the 300hp Maybach HL120TRM engine, the Ausf. B still used the 330hp HL 120 TR, which was slightly larger than that used on the Ausf.A however. There was also slightly thinner upper turret armour and a very slightly different inner mantlet. None of which should be visible on the model anyway. What should be different to the Ausf. C already released is that there was no armoured sleeve on the barrel of the co-axial MG 34. A fact that Dragon (oops! Cyber Hobby) have nailed correctly. They also have provided a brand new antennae deflector, I don’t believe many Ausf. B’s had this feature fitted, but it does look a bit makeshift, such as a field modification would do.

Every sprue in this kit is identical to that offered in the Ausf.C kit, with the exception of sprue Y. Sprue Y is completely new, offering a revised inner mantlet, new engine hatches with revised details, a new antennae deflector as mentioned earlier, two new starter cranks and a new frontal armour plate.

It’s worth looking at the other reviews mentioned above, as the detail in this kit is extraordinary. The options presented with the Ausf.D and C are all still there, such as the internal details on the drive housings, the separate drive sprocket discs and bolts, the internal details of the gun and turret. It’s another amazing production from Dragon and continues on their programme of releasing early war armour.

Marking options

Cyber Hobby offer 9 marking options with this kit, all of them in Panzer gray!

  • 2nd Company, Panzer Regiment 15, 5th Panzer Division, Poland 1939

  • 2nd Company, Panzer Regiment 15, 5th Panzer Division, Poland 1939 ‘Prag’

  • 3rd Company, Panzer Regiment 29, 12th Panzer Division, Eastern Front 1941

  • 8th Company, Panzer Regiment 2, 1st panzer Division, France 1940

  • 3rd Company, Panzer Regiment 25, 7th Panzer Division, France 1940

  • 8th Company, Panzer Regiment 1, 1st Panzer Division, Poland 1939

  • 4th Company, Panzer Regiment 1, 1st Panzer Division, France 1940

  • 6th Company, Panzer Regiment 19, 12th Panzer Division, Russia 1942

  • 6th Company, Panzer Regiment 3, 2nd Panzer Division, Balkans 1941

  • in conclusion

    Another brilliant addition to the range, Dragon are to be applauded, though it’s only available through Cyber Hobby, so get it now……… while you can.

    My thanks to Cyber Hobby for the review sample.

    Another early war panzer, another welcome release from the Dragon stable.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: 6297
      Suggested Retail: Approx. $45
      Related Link: Dragon USA
      PUBLISHED: May 03, 2006
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 87.97%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 87.43%

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      Sprue Y - The only different sprue from the DML Panzer IV C release
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