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by: Rhodes Williams [ RHODES ]

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions of the AFV Painting Techniques
By Mig Jimenez (Himenez)
255 pages, large format soft cover.
Andrea Press
Buy this book! Buy this book! Buy this book!

This is “the modelers bible” of the decade. Just as Tony Greenland’s “Panzer Modelling Masterclass” was a product must have of the 90’s, Mig book is packed with all colour step by step how to’s which cover every facet of finishing. Whilst it does not cover how to build a better model, and lord knows, this has been done to death, it does detail how to paint, weather and finish in the style so well known world wide by Mig Jimenez.

One gets the idea that this really was a labor of love for Mig. Anyone who has visited Missing Lynx in the last five years can tell you that time and time again when a model pops up on the Constructive Criticism DG by Mig it is followed by endless how to questions which he graciously responds to. I guess he may have figured that producing a book which steps it out was a better alternative to the repeated explanations. I concur.

First let me make it known that I am friendly with Mr. Jimenez and I don’t wish there to be any illusions that I am reviewing this book so positively due to that fact. Even if he were a total stranger I would sing the praises of this tome. Mig states very clearly that this is meant to be kept by the workbench and referred to whenever there is a question regarding paint and finish. To that end it serves its purpose very, very well.

The book is broken into sections covering workplace, tools, materials, techniques, texturing, painting, priming, varnishes, camouflages, chipping, filters…essentially every revolutionary technique Mig has either created or mastered is covered in this easy to follow format. Images are large an in colour and follow a sensible system of numbers which correspond with their explanation in the text.

If this was not enough, the last chapter is a gallery of Mig’s models to provide additional inspiration.

To tell you this is highly recommended is not nearly enough praise for this work. Every modelers should own this. With those pages are the techniques for the modern modeler. The original price of over $90.00 USD caused quite a commotion amongst modelers, however I purchased a copy from for only $50.37 USD and as low as $47.00 USD
Highly recommended.

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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions of the AFV Painting TechniquesBy Mig Jimenez (Himenez)255 pages, large format soft cover.Andrea Press
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 04, 2006
  NATIONALITY: Spain / España

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