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Russian Tankers Loading Ammo

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

The last few months have seen a considerable amount of new releases in an area which was previously only given 'token' coverage - Soviet Armor and figures. A number of companies have been busy producing a wide range of figures covering Soviet AFV crews - in both plastic and resin. This set is one of the more recent sets from the U.S. company, Warriors.

First look
WA 35598 - Russian Tankers Loading Ammo is a two-figure set produced in a cream-colored resin in 1/35th scale. The figures come in kit form and each consists of only four parts. The figure set comes inside the typical 'Warriors' clear-plastic box and the figures are further enclosed in a clear-plastic 'jiffy' bag. The packaging may, at first glance, seem flimsy, however, my review set was sent from California to England and re-sent to Spain with no damage whatsoever to the contents.

In depth
Following my usual style I will begin by doing an overview of the areas of the figures and finish with a summary/final evaluation.
All comments relate to both figures.

1 The Poses At first glance, the two figures seem oddly positioned, however, it quickly becomes apparent that the figures are designed to complement one another. One of the figures is modelled in the act of passing up a shell who is leaning forward on the fender of an AFV to receive it.

2 Construction As befits two figures with only four parts each, construction is simple and straightforward. The only time-consuming part is the (careful) removal of the casing blocks which are attached to each part. With a sharp razor-saw, they are removed in only a few passes with some cleaning up with heavy grade wet 'n dry paper followed by lighter grade for smoothing down. Some care is needed with the location plugs on the arms. As usual, I lost patience with them, and sanded them smooth. The parts fit closely enough with only a minimum amount of sanding to clean up any excess.

3 Heads The two heads are well cast/sculpted with good, (but not exaggerated) detail and anatomy competently done. One of the figures and whether this was deliberate or not on the part of the sculptor, appears to have no teeth (see photos)... The helmets are good although a little 'round' for my taste having none of the 'sweep' towards the neck as seen in many contemporary photos. The chin flaps are also present and correctly dimensioned.

4 Uniforms Both figures are sculpted wearing the one-piece tankers coveralls (without epaulettes) detail is adequate rather than brilliant although, being fair, they weren't exactly the most interesting uniforms in the history of warfare... Creasing is present although not perhaps as subtle as one would wish for.

5 Boots Both figures are cast wearing the usual long boots. Definition, between the heel and the sole will have to be (carefully) cut in although this is a simple process.

6 Hands Delicately sculpted with individual figures these are very nicely done indeed.

Not the most inspiring set perhaps, but VERY competently done. If this set had been done two or three years ago, it would, in my opinion, have received a much higher rating. I'm not hugely in favor of comparison reviews in general, but perhaps, having reviewed a number of Soviet AFV crews in that last few months, it is inevitable to begin to wonder if this particular set offers anything radically different. The answer is no. There are simply several better sets of this type on the market and even the plastic sets, whilst NOT at the same technical level as this set, do, with some work offer a more attractive alternative.

Price. I feel this set is over-priced. It's well-done, anatomically good but, in the final analysis is far too expensive.

Presentation Although i'm (on principal) against excessive and overdone packaging, I feel that this set goes in the other direction. The packaging is not really going to catch the eye and doesn't exactly cause sensory overload.

Finally, it's a well-done figure set and at least it's an attempt to do something different, for that, at the absolute minimum, Warriors deserve praise.

Armorama would like to thank the VLS Corporation for supplying the review sample.
Another of the recent two figure sets from the VLS subsidiary, Warriors, this time the subject are Soviet Tankers in the act of reloading.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA 35598
  Suggested Retail: $25.98
  PUBLISHED: Jun 22, 2006

Our Thanks to Warriors!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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