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German Tank Mechanics - Summer Dress

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

A first lookThere seems to be a proliferation of tank mechanics at the moment from different manufacturers, and while there are of course, a wide variety of poses possible, this set is interesting in that appears to consist of one mechanic being told off in no uncertain terms by another, possibly more senior mechanic.

As said and shown on the box illustration, the set consists of two fugures, and seems to be priced about right for 2-figure sets. One of the figures is dressed in open-necked shirt, and braces, wearing the field side-cap, and appears to be pointing with his left hand and yelling at the other. Whilst he could be said to be just indicating something, there is a definite submissive stance to the other figure, who appears to standing with his shoulders slouched, a small hammer in his right hand. This figure is wearing the field tunic of tank crews plus the sidecap again.

Quality wise, the moulding is very good, with just a small amount of flash to remove from areas such as between the legs. There was a very prominent mould seam on the right leg of the pointing figure which proved a little difficult to remove, this looking as if it was caused by the mould slipping. Bothe or the figures are supplied with separate arms and heads, and in the case of the second figure, a tiny hammer to be placed in his right hand. All parts were attached to pouring blocks that proved easily removed, the only difficulty encountered being were the arms were attached. When these blocks were removed, some cleanupp was required to ensure a good fit of the arms.

Both heads fit exactly and easily into place. As for detail, the pointing figure in particular is beautifully sculpted, for example, the braces holding his pants up really do look like they have been fitted as separate items. The left front brace specifically is lifted off the shirt itself...... it really does look good. The facial detail on both figures is not as good as the best separate resin heads you can buy........... the smoothness associated with the likes of Hornet heads is not evident, which means when you come to 'wash' the face, if indeed that is your preferred method of painting, then the wash will not look as effective as it could. To ensure that the heads fit beautifull to the figures, which they do, Warriors have placed the casting block along the back of the head, which is really not the best place, as it does somewhat spoil the finish on the very back of the sidecaps for example. A little superglue, accelerator, followed by some fine sanding soon fixed this. The hands on both figures are well cast and shouldn't need replacing, unless you're attempting to convert the figures.

Clothing on both figures appears to be correctly creased etc. with Warriors typically 'scruffy, realistic' look which I'm a big fan of!

in conclusion
A reasonably-priced, well-sculpted and posed pair of figures, which should come in really handy, and could even form a viginette of their own. Highly recommended!

My Thanks to VLS for the review sample.
A brief, first-look at this duo from Warriors.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35596
  Suggested Retail: $21.98
  Related Link: Warriors
  PUBLISHED: Jun 30, 2006

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