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PE for Kubelwagen

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

Nearly all injection moulded kits can benefit from the addition of photo etched parts that can better represent some things, with regard to scale thickness. With the release of more and more 1/48th scale kits this is becoming even more apparent. Tamiya's 1/48th Kubelwagen has been out for a long time..........in fact it was probably one of the first 1/48th models, being released as for use in mainly airfield dioramas with 1/48th sale aircraft. Here's a quick look at this new release from Aber for this kit.

the set
This set from Aber consists one side of instructions, and one very small photo etched fret. Don't let this put you off however, since in typically Aber fashion, they've packed an awful lot on to this small fret. For this reason you'll need a really powerful magnifying aid of some description if you want to use most of it............. no matter what your age!

Anybody who has used an Aber set before, will be familiar with their congested style of instructions. For this reason it really does pay to sit down in a quiet area and go through the instruction in minute detail.......... there is a lot you could miss!

Installation of the set begins with an almost complete Kubelwagen, to which things are added as replacements for kit parts, instead of a lot of cutting which is more usual with 1/35th sets. For the inside of the vehicle you get a new battery, case and brackets for behind the front seats, and obviously all the rifle brackets, which are so prominent on this vehicle are replaced, although the construction of these parts looks really simple compared to their 1/35th counterparts, being constructed of just one part that's folded to shape. There are a couple of small improvements to the two front seats, as well as faces for the foot pedals, and a new dashboard including the storage compartment under the right side of the dash. This part is nicely detailed, although I've never been quite sure just what it actually is! Maybe somebody else knows?

New handles for the doors are provided, both inside and out, as well as windscreen wipers, horn, and a new jerry can bracket for the right fender. The spade gets a new blade and new brackets, and there's a complete replacement for the windscreen assembly. This windscreen assembly is actually made up of two layers, between which a clear acetate layer is sandwiched, which you'll have to source yourself.

For the rear of the vehicle there is all new furniture, which includes Notek rear convoy light, rear light, reflector, starting handle socket and bracket, number plate and bracket, and handle for the engine cover.

in conclusion
Although this is a small set, it really does contain some beautiful parts that will improve the look of your 1/48th Kubelwagen no end! The parts have been simplified by Aber in this scale, so making them easier to construct and fit, and if you do manage to fit the parts, the resulting model will be a stunner! Recommended!

At first glance, a small set from Aber for a small vehicle. When you look closely however, you'll see that it contains an awful lot of really well-designed parts that when installed will offer great improvements over the kit parts.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 48014
  Suggested Retail: Unknown
  Related Link: Aber
  PUBLISHED: Oct 31, 2006

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