In-Box Review
105mm Light Gun

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

The latest from J B Models PO Box 12, Deeping St James, Peterborough, PE 6 8PL, England, is the 1/76 scale model of the 105mm Light Gun, models L 118 or M 119. Price in the UK is 4-25 check for local variations if overseas.

Packed in the now standard box with a coloured illustration on the back showing the overall measurement of the kit or it should be kits. For it contains two identical medium grey sprues with 26 parts on each one. There are two alternative barrels on each sprue, along with a single instruction sheet, no decals are supplied; the colours listed are matched to the Humbrol range.

You also are given the towing pintle for the Landrover 110 model. Along with instructions on how to modify part 14 of the Landrover kit and its location. There are no flash or sink marks and the gun barrels only need the very lightest of clean up on the seam line.

From this you can select which of the possibilities you want to make, either two identical guns but one in the firing and the other in the towing position or alternatively you can have one British and the other American. Again with the choice of firing or towing.

Some of the parts are very tiny and care is needed when separating from the main sprue ie. The handwheels part 11 and the sights part 23.

Overall the model is very well moulded and I had no problems in assembly it just went together very well. I did leave parts 10 and 11 to set overnight before attaching them to the model. That was because I wanted them to be set and aligned before completing the rest.

Overall it makes up into a superb little model of much neglected subject modern artillery. Add it to the Landrover model and they form a very impressive unit.

John is to be congratulated on yet an other fine model and considering the choices and the price, I feel it will be a winner.

Many thanks to John for the review model.

As a footnote I took the un-built kit to Huddersfield model show and it caused a great deal of interest not only with the model makers but also the trade.

2002 Ian Sadler
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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