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by: Henk Meerdink [ HENK ]

This magazine is the first volume of a new publication from Tankograd, which is quite different from what they have published to this date. Whilst most of Tankograd's publications focus on a specific vehicle, and contain a wealth of (often previously unpublished) photographs, this new magazine strives to inform the reader of a broad spectrum of military (and relevant law enforcement) related subjects. This first volume covers indeed the full spectrum from the First World War trenches, to todays German Paratroopers. It is different in two ways, first in that the emphasis is more on text and information, and secondly the text is only in German. Unlike other Tankograd publications, this one does not provide an English translation, not even for the photo captions. Whilst this obviously limits it's appeal to those who can read German, the varied and interesting contents make it worth a closer look if you do.

I'll list the contents in order, with a short description.

01. Editorial

02. Eliteeinheiten A regular feature taking a look at Elite units. This first feature starts with the German Paratroops.

03. 1. Weltkrieg This feature documents the First World War, this issue taking a look at how the trenches first developed from improvised positions.

04. Tarnung & Ausrustung Development and use of Digital Camouflage Uniforms.

05. Handfeuerwaffen This article about the M16 charts it's development, and looks at it's future.

06. Panzertechniek All about the Merkava MBT.

07. Polizei & Sicherheit This regular feature looks at the Police forces used for International Police Duties and training of foreign Police Forces.

08. Luftwaffe The German Air force used the MiG-29 Fulcrum for a short while, until the cost became prohibitive.

09. 2. Weltkrieg A regular feature documenting the Second World War, this first installment looks at the 'Tiger I Legend'.

10. Buchbesprechungen Book reviews.

11. Sicherheitskrafte-Ost This feature gives a rare insight into the former East German Forces. This time a look at the 'Bereitschaftspolizei'.

12. Bundeswehr A look at equipment of the post war German Army, this time the H-34G Helicopter.

13. Marine The German Navy is not forgotten, with an article about the Frigate Augsburg, detailing it's deployment on Operation Enduring Freedom.

14. Museen 7 Events A feature about museums and military themed events, this first one comes to England, and reports on the 'War & Peace' show in Beltring.

15. Kurioses & Seltsames Taking a lighthearted look at rare and odd items, this one has a photo of German WW II Stormtroopers (re-enactors) next to an Imperial Storm trooper (Star Wars).

As the magazines Editorial introduction states, this new magazine is directed towards the German public that wants a general magazine about all matters military in their own language. The emphasis is on the German Military, naturally, but with articles about the Merkava, M-16 and Digital Camouflage Uniforms, the content is varied enough to have something for everybody. The language barrier will restrict it's appeal outside Germany, but if you are able to read German, this magazine gives a nice insight on the German Military.

  • Soft Cover
  • 48 pages
  • Full colour
  • German language

A new title from Tankograd, covering a wide scope of interesting military subjects. Unlike the other Tankograd publications however, this one is just in German.
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  Suggested Retail: Euro 4.95
  PUBLISHED: Dec 11, 2006

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