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M Hobby (June 2001)

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

The magazine under review is the M Hobby 6-2001 published by Ex print Publications, PO Box 26, Moscow 121552, Russia. Published in the now well-established format of A4 portrait and on very good high quality paper. Published in Russian only. Price varies from country to country so check with your local stockist. It is a mixture of reviews and factual photomontages of real vehicles or aircraft and dioramas.

It covers the new releases of kits from all sections of the hobby; from within Russia and the new Border States, as well as books and magazine on the various subjects.

This particular edition has the following as the main articles, full colour photomontage of the interior of the Kubinka BA 3 Armoured car. There are 17 high quality photos of the vehicle, which has never been seen before in such detail.

A continuation of the Zil -157 series of trucks, with 18 black and white photos of various styles and bodies fitted to the chassis along with 3 and 1/4 pages of scale plans to 1/35 scale.

A set of 6 B&W photos of the BA3 Armoured and 2 and 1/4 pages of 1/35 scale plans including the full internal sections and placement of all the relevant stowage.

An article on Russian Air to Air missiles and 1/48scale side plans of them, with head on views for the alignment of the fin layout.

An article about the Japanese Ki-43 aircraft with full colour illustrations of the camouflage and fin markings, with a section of the cockpit area from the built up model.

Lastly a section of models from a Russian model show.

So some comments this magazine it just keeps getting better and better with each edition. It is slowly unravelling all the mysteries or answering the questions. We in the west have been asking for, for as long as I can remember. It seems that as soon as a new kit is announced and arrives in the west, then the answers appear in this magazine.

In all the books I have seen or collected I have never been able to find one single internal photo of the BA 3 Armoured car, now I have all the information at my fingertip.

The same for the Zil 157 series I now longer have to trawl through endless books trying to find a snippet of information, once again it is in this magazine.

Alexander is to be congratulated on finding the information in the first place and then for publishing it. The next step to make this magazine truly international is to publish in English. Very highly recommended and a bonus for the two recently released kits, buy yours now.

Thanks to Alexander for the review copy, Ian Sadler 2002

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  Scale: 1:1
  PUBLISHED: Feb 16, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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