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German WWII Accessories Set

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

We've all been there.............built a particular model or figure, only to realise afterwards that there's a specific addition we could have made if only we'd known about it. Well this set from Eduard won't solve that particular problem entirely, but it will certainly help!

the set
This set from Eduard is sold as part of their BIG series, i.e. several related sets all put together for easy purchase with a substantial saving in cost. Bought separately, the sets included would retail at over $100, so there is a definite saving, at least, if you can see yourself using all the contents.

The Big set contains eight different previously released sets from Eduard, including the following;

TP005 Tool Clips German
TP023 Tool Box German
TP024 Mirrors WWII
TP030 Tool Box German 2
TP069 German Ammunition Boxes
TP501 German Infantry Weapons WWII
TP513 German Tie down & Straps
TP514 German Infantry Grenades

Having used several of these sets before, I can say that I would probably use them, and therefore consider them to be good value. For example I reviewed the German Infantry weapons set which includes such things as pre-coloured rifle slings, and although many modeller's scratch build these items themselves, the general consensus was that these certainly looked more impressive than any scratch built item. Plus of course, there are two of those sprues included in the Big Set.

The tool clamps have been a staple within my toolbox since they were released way back when. Since they're constructed of only one piece that's folded, they're much easier to install than a certain other manufacturers, and in my opinion, look just as good. The single fret of these that is supplied contains different sizes for such things as axes and bolt cutters which need a wider clip.

The toll box sets provided are both different, in that TP023 set provides four boxes of different size, one of which has a rather nifty red cross insignia etched into it's lid, whilst the other set, TP030 is the more traditional cantilevered toolbox, and is also supplied with a PE set of tools, spanners etc., and will look very impressive indeed when left open in a scenic setting.

The mirrors set consist of a single fret of PE that looks as if it's been chromed. It's certainly very shiny indeed, so can be used without trying to obtain a mirrored sticker for their faces. Also included in this set is a set of vinyl masks for when painting times comes around.

The Ammunition box set contains six ammunition boxes such as those used for MG34 or 42 ammunition belts. All the associated handles and lids are included, as well as a short length of flat looking belt ammunition for each. Three of these have a short length of used belt attached.

Set TP513 doesn't come with any instructions, so how you use them is really down to you. It seems to contain a number of belts, rifle slings, and indeed almost anything that could be used to tie down various bits of stowage.

The final set contains all the bits and pieces you would need to improve a stick grenade. Really. Well, OK, the cases that the grenades came in, plus a frame for carrying it on the soldiers back. In fact all the bits to super detail the cases, inside and out. Take a look at the instructions for set TP514 and you'll see what I mean.

There is no doubt that if you buy the BIG set you'll save money over buying them all individually. However, if there are more than two sets you will never use, then obviously the saving is gone. You'll have to think carefully about it. I would buy it.............but then again, I always intend to use everything I buy.........even if it's just as loft insulation! Recommended!

A great value set from Eduard that should offer considerable saving over buying them separately, and contains some must-have's and some quite-nice-to-have's!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: BIG3529
  Suggested Retail: $69.95
  Related Link: Eduard
  PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2007

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Vinnie I think you have found the perfect justification for always increasing your stash :-) :-) Thanks for the review
JAN 26, 2007 - 09:00 PM
Nice looking set, gonna have to get one of those, especially with the savings.
JAN 26, 2007 - 09:05 PM

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