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17 pdr Ammunition

by: greatbrit [ GREATBRIT ]

The British 17 pounder anti-tank gun was one of the finest guns of world war two.It was one of the few weapons available to the western allies that could consistantly destroy german heavy tanks such as the tiger and panther. the gun itself was mounted on a low, split trail carriage making concealment easier. it was also mounted as the main gun on various tanks, such as the sherman firefly, achilles and comet. i am reviewing Accurate-armour's set of 17pdr rounds, this is also my first review on armorama!


First Impressions
This is my first experience using resin parts. Until now, I always thought of resin as a little expensive. I bought this set to add to my AFV Club Achilles kit - as very little ammunition is included in the kit. At 9.50 I was apprehensive about the purchase, as this seemed expensive for just 20 rounds of ammunition, but I decided to order them anyway - along with thier WW2 British stowage set.


Got the Goods!
I ordered the items from AA's (Accurate Armour) website on Sunday night - arriving on Wednesday morning. Excellent service turnaround if you ask me. They came securely packed in a bubblewrap envelope with an invoice and letter thanking me for my purchase - a nice touch. The rounds themselves came inside a small pack made up of a thick, strong, clear plastic packet with a card sleve stapled over the top. Upon opening the pack I was greeted with 20 rounds of different types, all well cast with very little of the flash and airbubbles I initially expected. A small written Instruction Sheet is included highlighting the different ammo types included in the set and how to tell the types apart, supplementing painting instructions. Perfectly adequate details in my opinion.


Clean-up and Painting
I decided to paint the rounds while they were still on their casting blocks, mainly because it was easier and the base of the shells wouldn't be visible once placed in the vehicle's ammo racks. I used Tamiya Gold to simulate the cartridges, with Tamiya Buff, Black, and Gun Metal for the rounds. I picked out the various bands with Humbrol enamels. All of this proved easy, quick and simple. I cleaned up the rounds with a new scalpel blade and a sanding stick - before painting of course! Once dried, I simply snapped the finished rounds from the pouring blocks - as the flash joining the pieces was so thin. I quickly sanded the bases of the rounds and touch-up painted this area too.


As I said earlier, this was my first experience working with resin and it wont be my last! From the level of detail in the parts I purchased, to the ease of use, and remembering the fine customer service, I will certainly inclined to build more AA products in the future. The only negative thing I have to say concerns the price. 9.50 is a little expensive for what you get in my opinion, but what you get is excellent! I highly recommend this set to anyone building British armour, and Accurate Armour products in general for there customer service. I rate this product 9 out of 10, due to the price factor. Other than that - it's superb!

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: A003
  Suggested Retail: 9.50
  PUBLISHED: Sep 17, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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