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Modern Oil Drums and Canisters
Modern Oil/Chemical Drums and Canisters Set
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by: Pawel Krupowicz [ VODNIK ]

The new Pro Art Models set should be well received by both modern diorama modelers and those who never build dioramas just individual models (like myself). Some of smaller containers in the set would look good in the stowage rack of modern tank or other military vehicle, while larger drums can be used on a diorama or on a truck cargo bed.

set contents
In the set we get 40 cream colored resin parts. There is no instruction provided, but as there is no assembly required it is not needed. Many accessory sets available on the market include a variety of metal type oil / fuel drums and containers, but modern plastic ones are much harder to find. In ProArt set we get some of both types, although majority are plastic type. Metal containers included are two large oil / fuel drums (probably most common, but also easiest to find in 1/35 scale from various sources), two medium cylindrical cans with nice “OIL” embossing on top and two small cylindrical cans, which however scale up to 37cm (14.5”) tall in 1:1 scale, so are not really very small.

Plastic containers come in much larger variety – we get four large drums in two styles (one with big flat removable lid and other with usual small filler caps on top), plus ten smaller drums and other top opening containers in five types. Particularly nice are two tall containers with round lids and more square horizontal cross-section as well done “WASTE” embossing was added to their sides. Also included are identical two containers, but without this embossing. We also get 15 plastic type “jerry can” style containers – with a handle on top and small cap, in three sizes (probably 5l, 10l and 20l types).

Nice bonus in the set are five traffic cones – quite often seen carried on modern vehicles on patrol, e.g. in Iraq.

Casting quality of the set is very high with only parts with air bubbles being traffic cones. Their pointy tips were unfortunately “consumed” by these bubbles, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to repair with some putty. All parts come on usual resin pouring blocks that have to be cut and sanded off, as in almost all resin sets on the market. Jerry cans have thin resin film or flash under handles, but it’s no problem at all to get rid of it with a tip of sharp knife.

My only criticism to this set is the lack of decals. Containers shown on the box illustration have various labels and warning markings applied on them, what certainly makes them look much more realistic, but unfortunately nothing like that is included in the set. Modelers must find their own source for such decals or apply their painting skills to make their own markings.

All in all, new ProArt set should prove very useful and with some creative painting can add a little color accent to usually drab military vehicles and dioramas.
Highs: Well cast and nice variety of containers included.
Lows: No decals included.
Verdict: ProArt set should prove very useful and with some creative painting can add a little color accent to usually drab military vehicles and dioramas.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PAU-35011
  Suggested Retail: € 14.00
  PUBLISHED: May 23, 2007

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Thanks for the review Pawel. 2 of the smaller plastic drums (with "embossed" lids) look like Rubbermaid (10 Gal ?) water coolers.... Frenchy
MAY 27, 2007 - 03:38 PM

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    Note that pointy tips of these trafic cones are not fully cast because of air bubbles.