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Militärfahrzeug 3-2007
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by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]


Published quarterly by the Geman Publishing House, Tankograd, the magazine MILITÄRFAHRZEUG, covers a wide variety of military vehicle subjects. The majority, it has to be said, are modern AFVs although there are always several articles covering other periods.

The Magazine - basics

Militärfahrzeug 3-2007 is the third edition of 2007. The magazine consists of 64 pages. However, unlike the Tankograd books, Militärfahrzeug is NOT completely bilingually translated although ALL the essentials appear in English (within the articles) The last three pages of the magazine consist of FULL translations.

The Magazine - content

Modern German Army: MUNGO Special Forces Vehicle

British Army: Prairie Eagle II 2006

JGSD: Type 73 Light Truck

ISAF: Afghanistan Impressions 2006/2007

U.S. Marine Corps: MTVR - Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement
(Part 2)

East German Armed Forces: Motorcycles (Part 2)

Modern German Army: Final “Golden” Shot of PzArtBtl 115

Artillery History: 210mm Mortar M10/M16 From Kaiser to Wehrmacht

In Detail: U.S. M16 Gun Motor Carriage

Arms Fairs: IDEX 2007

Militärfahrzeug ARCHIVES

The Magazine - in some detail

Inevitably, speaking personally, I found the regular 'In Detail' the most interesting section, dealing as it does with a very extensive walkround of a restored M16. Apart from the vehicle itself, some excellent detail shots are provided of the M45 Quadruple .50 gun mount.

Another article which I found particularly well-presented was the 5th section, dealing with the new U.S.M.C.: MTVR - (Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement) which, for the modeller, presents the vehicle in extraordinary detail. Not just in the basic cargo configuration, but also details of the Mk 29 Dump Truck and the Mk 36 Wrecker are presented in this the second part of coverage of this Oshkosh produced vehicle.A nice bonus is the reproduction of scale (1/72nd) plans of the three variants.

For those whose interest lies with the modern British Army. five pages are dedicated to photo-coverage of the 'Prairie Eagle II' exercises in 2006 which show a good cross-section of vehicle types in their 'natural' habitat.

As a type of 'taster' the 'Archives' chapter consist of images of two subjects previously covered in other of the company's publications - The 'Vorpanzer' and a captured Morris Commercial mounting the 7.5cm L.I.G.

The quality of images is typical Tankograd. Crisp, of good size, taken at useful angles for the modeller and another of the company's hallmarks, pretty much unique from the collections of the contributing authors and the owner of the publishing house.


There really is, literally, something for everyone in this magazine. Whether your interest lies with Modern Armor, WWII or the more esoteric (DDR Motorcyles?) it's not overstating to say that you WILL find something to interest you in this magazine. Inevitably, with the format, it can't go into as much detail as the individual publications from the company which frequently concentrate on one vehicle and its variants but for coverage of the current, the historical adn in some cases the downright odd, it is an excellent source of information...
Tankograd Publishing is featuring heavily in the Reviews Section of this site. However, one of their regular publications, the quarterly Magazine MILITÄRFAHRZEUG, still remains relatively unknown to the majority. This is a real pity as it contains an extraordinary breadth of coverage...
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 09, 2007

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